5 Products Always in My Cart at Trader Joe’s


Last Sunday, I drove over to Trader Joe's to pick up a few things for the week. I love Trader Joe's because they have hundreds of store brand products that are absolutely amazing. The closest store to my house is 10-15 minutes away, so I try to go at least once or twice a month and stock up on my favorites.  Today I'm sharing with you 5 … [Read more...]

Friday Favorites


Good morning! I'm so excited that it's Friday. After work today, Bryan and I are going to spend time at our pool. We don't usually get to go during the work week, so I made sure to put it on our calendar for today. It will hopefully be less crowded than it is on Saturday afternoons.  Let's get into my Friday Favorites. 1. New … [Read more...]

How to Become a Book Lover


{The Miracle Morning, Rich Bitch & All the Light We Cannot See} 1. Switch It Up When I was in college, all I enjoyed reading were nonfiction books (mostly self-help). I loved motivational books like The Secret, Skinny Bitch and He's Just Not That Into You. After a while, those kinds of books bored me so I stopped … [Read more...]

The Best Almond Milk Without Carrageenan


Go into your fridge and take out a carton of soy or almond milk, yogurt or ice cream. Look at the ingredient list. Do you see "carrageenan?" If so, I'm not surprised.  Carrageenan, which is derived from red seaweed, it's often added to beverages to keep their ingredients from separating, is added to foods like yogurt, chocolate and ice … [Read more...]

Twenty9 Restaurant Review


Twenty9 Restaurant hosted Bryan and I for dinner.  As always, all opinions are my own. For more information see my disclosures here. On Friday, Bryan and I had dinner at Twenty9 Restaurant in Malvern, PA. I'll be honest, the location is a bit strange. It's tucked inside an office park. We only knew where to go because … [Read more...]

Friday Favorites


TGIF! Bryan and I took off on Monday to go to the beach and we can't wait. I'm looking forward to lounging on the sand, playing frisbee, and buying fudge. That last part is extremely important. A trip to the beach is not complete without fudge. Let's hope the work day flies by, so we can get this weekend started!  Here are my Friday … [Read more...]