26 Week Bump Date

Hi guys! Happy Monday. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to crush this week. I had a really productive Sunday, and feel like I’m going to take this week on by storm. If you blog only part-time, you know that the winter is the hardest for getting posts photographed since it gets dark around 5pm. My weekends are going to be jam packed now with planning content, and I couldn’t be more excited actually. It will force me to work ahead of schedule and finish shooting, writing and editing posts a week in advance. #productivity! 

Talking about upcoming content… there’s a lot of fun posts coming to you in the coming weeks – including some gift guides! Since Halloween is now over, the holiday season is pretty much here. I mean, Target already has their Christmas trees up so it’s official now. I know it’s a bit early, but if you’re anything like me, you like getting your holiday shopping done ASAP. My goal is to have everything purchased and wrapped by December 1. Here’s hoping! There’s nothing more stressful than waiting until the last minute and struggling to find that perfect present. {Don’t worry though – if that’s you, I plan on doing a last minute shopping post too.} 

Alright, for now let’s hop right into my weekly bump date. I’m 26 weeks today! 

pregnancy update via simply-nicole.com
bump date via simply-nicole.com


Baby is the Size of a: butternut squash {approximately 14 inches long and 2 pounds}

Gender: Girl!

Names: We’re keeping it a secret. I normally can’t keep large life events a secret so this is a big deal for me. Keeping our pregnancy a secret in the beginning was SO difficult! However, it was important to us to keep baby girl’s name under wraps. We didn’t want any feedback from family or friends, and we think it’s kind of fun to announce her name once she’s actually here.

What I’m Wearing: Same old stuff that I’ve mentioned in previous bump dates. I’ve been basically living in my maternity jeans from Motherhood Maternity, maternity tanks from Target, and long cardigans. It’s become my pregnancy uniform, I guess. I was just telling Bryan yesterday that I’m so tired of wearing the same thing all the time, so I’m dying to get my hands on some new sweaters to switch things up a bit. These are some that I have my eye on and have added to my wishlist: Leith Blouson Sleeve Cardigan {in tan}, Free People Lofty V-Neck Sweater {in wine}, Rib Long Trim Cardigan {in beige oatmeal}, and Fuzzy Open Cardigan (I’m dying to get it in blue, but it’s sold out right now. You can get it in black though for 40% off!)

How I’m Feeling: I’m feeling pretty good. I know a lot of people have a difficult pregnancy, so I’m counting my blessings and realize that things can get worse at any minute. The restless leg syndrome I mentioned during last week’s post is still here, but I’ve been stretching before bed and it seems to be helping. I’m also feeling much more pregnant these days. I knock into things more frequently, my balance has been completely off, and bending forward is a lot more difficult. Although I’ve felt like I’ve had a bump for weeks now, I think people finally are starting to notice it. It’s obvious that I’m pregnant at this point, and not just bloated from a large dinner. 

Cravings: Ginger ale, all fruits {see acai bowl above} and vegan hot dogs on potato rolls with yellow mustard – yep, that’s weird one. 

Aversions: None.

Best Moment this Week: During last week’s bump date I mentioned that I finally got around to ordering a lamp, end table, curtains and curtain rod for the nursery. This week, most of it was delivered so I spent one night assembling the lamp and end table. I’m so happy with how things turned out! The room is starting to really feel like a nursery. As each piece gets assembled, I get more and more excited to meet our little lady and spend time with her in her nursery. Pete is a huge fan of our recliner, so I know he’ll be excited to cuddle with us too! 

Sleeping: No real problem sleeping these days, but I’m constantly tired. Once the mid-afternoon slump hits, I feel like I could take a nap for the entire night. I’m trying to pack some protein-rich snacks for my desk at work, so I can stay energized and productive after 2pm. What are some of your favorites? Comment below or tweet me! 

Rings: are on. Something new that I’ve noticed is that I overheat more often and my hands have been swelling up. 

Baby Movement: I’m completely fascinated with how much she’s moving. It’s definitely one of my favorite parts of the day. I know it will get annoying once she gets bigger and is kicking me at all hours of the night, but for now I’m soaking it all in. 

Labor Signs: None

Looking Forward to: Getting my glucose test completed in a couple of weeks! Although I’m not excited about the actual test, I’m anxious to get it over with and see the results. I also have to get an anemia screening done at the same time. Other than those two tests, the only other thing I need to have done is my Tdap booster. I can’t believe I’m almost in the third trimester. Time is flying. 

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  1. Sarah
    November 11, 2017 / 5:56 pm

    Hey Nicole!
    I know you said a little while back you were having trouble fining a pair of maternity jeans you love… I’m in the market for a cute pair (maybe two tops) as my bump grows. I mostly live in leggings but I’d like to switch it up on date nights! I’d love to see what styles you’ve liked.

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