5 Tips for a Bedroom Refresh

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5 tips for a bedroom refresh

Do you ever go through periods of time when you absolutely hate everything in your home? Nothing seems to look right anymore, and you just want to start fresh?

I felt like that right before Bryan and I moved earlier this month. Our comforter was almost 6 years old and it had seen better days. Pete had scratched it up, and it had bleach spots all over from acne medicine {just being real!}. Aside from that, I also wanted a headboard, new dressers, new end tables, new lamps,and some bedroom artwork. Phew, that’s a lot. I can guarantee you that we are NO where near finished our bedroom refresh, but that’s okay. Think of this post as part one of my bedroom update. Interior design takes time!

So if you’re interested in part one of my bedroom update, as well as tips for refreshing your own space, keep reading.

5 tips for a bedroom refresh

1. Take Your Time

The first tip for refreshing your bedroom is to remember to take your time. Don’t rush! Really think about what you want/need in your new space, and realize that it’s not going to look the way you want overnight. In most cases, you’re probably not going to have a huge chunk of money for new bedroom items all at once. Make a list of the things you want to purchase for your room and then number them from the most important to the least important. That way, when you go shopping, you know where to spend your money first. A list also helps prevent you from spending money on impulse buys!

When Bryan and I moved into our first apartment together, we rushed and purchased everything we needed right away. Not only was I bored with our decor choices after a few months, but I was bummed because there was no room to grow with the space.

5 tips for a bedroom refresh

2. Think about Statement Pieces

I can’t emphasize this enough, but really think about statement pieces. Statement pieces are large items that can make a huge “punch” and transform the entire room. Vintage dressers, a large plant, a nice headboard, or dramatic curtains {please make sure they touch the floor!} are just some examples. 

The most important part of my bedroom refresh was to get an actual bed. We’ve always had a bed frame, but I got tired of hitting my ankles on the edge of the frame, and our bed skirt was looking rather dated. If you don’t already know this about me, I’m really decisive. I know what I want and I generally don’t waver on purchases. I either love something or hate it. So when we were looking for a bed, I of course had a few requirements. The headboard had to have nail heads, and be tall and tufted. I wanted something in a neutral color and a linen fabric. After doing some Googling, I came across the Sheridan King Bed from Raymour and Flanigan. I was shocked because although I had a lot of requirements for our bed, I didn’t think that I’d actually be able to find something that met them all. I showed a picture of the bed to Bryan, and he also really liked it. 

So that was that. The weekend after finding the bed online, we drove over to our local Raymour and Flanigan and placed our order. Although, I could have just ordered the bed myself online, I wanted to peruse the store for a few small decor items on my “to-buy” list, and to also get some design inspiration. Our entire experience was a breeze. Because this bed was a special order, it came three weeks after purchase, and was seamless to put together from what I heard. {I can’t take any credit for assembling the bed. Bryan and my father-in-law did all the work!} It looks so great in our bedroom, and it makes the entire room feel put together. 

5 tips for a bedroom refresh

3. Switch Up Accessories without Spending Lots of Money

Adding new accessories can really make your bedroom feel new again. You can certainly do this anytime of the year, but right before a new season is a great option. With fall right around the corner, now is the perfect time to buy a faux fur throw, ceramic pumpkins a new plant, or new throw pillows to jazz up your space. 

When I get bored with my bedroom, one of the first places I start to revamp is my bedside table. I love switching up the items that I keep there. Right now, you’ll find a lamp, a few books, a faux plant, crystals, an aromatherapy Buddha statue, lavender essential oil spray, a journal, pen and headphones. I only like keeping the essentials, because bedside tables can get cluttered really quickly! 

5 tips for a bedroom refresh

4. Find Inspiration Everywhere

Pinterest is my favorite place to look for decor help. Create boards for each room and save your favorite inspiration photos there. That way, when you’re interested in buying new home pieces, you can easily access your ideas on the go by pulling up the app. 

Magazines are another great place to look for inspiration. Obviously, home decor/interior design magazines tend to be the most helpful, but you’d be surprised at what you’ll find by looking at advertisements and photos in all different types of magazines. 

5. Use PowerPoint to Map Out Your Room

Not sure how a new item will look in your room? Girl, I feel ya and I have a solution! This is a really good tip that I actually got from a co-worker {thanks Melissa!}. Take a photo of your bedroom and import it into PowerPoint. Then, take screenshots of the pieces online that you might be interested in buying. Import those screenshots into PowerPoint and overlay them on your bedroom photo. Now, you’ll be able to see how the items will look with the rest of the things in your room. You’ll be able to determine whether the color, size and style of the item is appropriate for your space. 

I did this for SO many rooms in our home, but most recently when chose art for our living room and a new comforter for our bed. This process reassured me that I was making the right decisions, and made me really excited to spruce up our home. 

5 tips for a bedroom refresh

5 tips for a bedroom refresh

// Comment below! How are you going to refresh your bedroom? How would you describe the style of your home?


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