5 Ways to Get Fit this Spring

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5 Ways to Get Fit This Spring
Tis the season for the typical “Get Bikini Ready” and “Lose 5 Pounds for Summer” articles. I’ve come across so many recently that I was inspired to put together something a bit different. Whatever happened to just trying to be more healthy? Today, with Bryan’s help, we put together 5 ways to get fit this spring, and we’re not talking about fitting into your summer clothes or providing a fad diet to try. These are simple lifestyle changes you can make to become healthier, happier, and have an overall positive outlook this season. Sneak peek – it also involves buying the man in your life fun new athletic apparel to get himself motivated to get fit with you!

5 Ways to Get Fit this Spring

1. Get Motivated. 

What’s better than working out in brand new activewear? When I’m trying to get more motivated to implement a fitness routine, cute clothes make getting up in the morning much easier. When we were brainstorming ideas for this post and putting together fun workouts for ourselves, we realized Bryan desperately needed new athletic apparel. Bryan searched on the Rhone Apparel website and picked out the Mako shorts and the Sentry short sleeve top. Both items are lightweight and moisture-wicking, and have an inspirational quote hidden on the inside hem. They are perfect for working out and going about the rest of the day. If the man in your life is looking for new, high quality workout gear, definitely check out  Rhone Apparel. 

5 Ways to Get Fit this Spring

2. Include The Pup.

Taking your dog for a walk is one of the easiest ways to get blood flowing. Most of the time our puppy Pete barely walks and we have to bribe him with treats to walk faster; however when he runs, he’s super fast! If you’re too busy to spend an hour at the gym, you can at least go for a quick, brisk walk with your dog. Once the weather gets warmer, I plan on taking a walk every morning before work and really starting my day with some fresh air.

5 Ways to Get Fit this Spring

3. Plan Your Meals. 

Prioritizing your time is a huge factor in helping yourself become more fit and healthy. Let’s face it. There’s never going to be a time when you have 30 hours in the day. You’ve got to make healthy eating and meal planning a priority. That may mean waking up an extra hour earlier on the weekends to brainstorm meals for the week or keeping a Pinterest board with all your favorite go-to recipes. I partnered with a bunch of my favorite bloggers on this post to give you 15 effective meal planning tips. 

5 Ways to Get Fit this Spring

4. Kick Start Your Mornings.

I’m in the process of putting together the perfect morning routine, which I’ll detail in an upcoming post. In the meantime, here are a few ways I like to kick start my morning and some ideas from Bryan. My tips: spend at least five minutes meditating or journaling, do a few sun salutations to get blood flowing, and drink a huge glass of ice water. Bryan’s tips: wake up the first time your alarm goes off, do light stretches immediately after waking up, and eat a healthy/hearty breakfast.  


5. Set Reminders. 

It’s super important to set reminders for yourself. I’m not the best at remembering my goals for the day, so Bryan and I love to set reminders and use our family iCloud calendar. I also have a Pinterest board with inspirational quotes to keep myself motivated and remind myself of things I want to achieve. Set reminders in whatever method works best for you and your needs.  

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  1. March 30, 2015 / 6:13 am

    allll about the number two here!!!

  2. April 3, 2015 / 11:49 pm

    Great ideas! I need to get moving again and new, high quality workout gear would definitely motivate me! #client

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