5 Ways to Stay Healthy While Traveling


Tomorrow I leave for Atlanta! Bryan and I are staying with our friends Andrew and Becki, and we have a lot of fun activities planned. Aside from touristy things to do in Atlanta, we also are planning to take a road trip to Tennessee. I’ve never been to the south, so I’m very excited! 

One thing I’m a bit nervous about is getting sick. When we traveled to Jamaica, I came home with a terrible stomach bug that landed me in the emergency room. This time, I’m going to be smarter about preventing sickness. Below are 5 ways to stay healthy while traveling.  

1. Stock Up on Snacks

Many snack options on planes contain tons of preservatives (and are also not allergen friendly), so I pack my own. My favorites are KIND bars, dates, and Swedish Fish. If I can eat a meal before getting on the plane, I will load up on green veggies and a protein like a hard boiled egg or avocado. 

2. Stay Hydrated

If being up in the air tends to dry out your skin or make you feel bloated, make sure to purchase a large bottle of water before getting on the plane (after security check point of course!). I like to sip on water during my entire flight to ensure that I feel good when landing. 

3. Remember Your Vitamins

I definitely don’t have an iron stomach, and traveling usually makes it worse. I’ve been taking a probiotic for the last few months to help keep my gut healthy, and this week I’ll be very diligent about taking it every morning.

4. Slather on Moisturizer

The night before flying, it’s important to apply a thick moisturizer to help increase hydration in your skin. The day you’re traveling, be sure to pack a moisturizer in your carry on bag for easy access. 

5. Carry Hand Sanitizer

Use hand sanitizer after putting away your luggage, after you leave the bathroom, and basically anytime you are in contact with something many people have touched. Being around sick people coughing and sneezing is an easy way to get sick. I carry hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes with me every time I travel. 

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