Hey! I’m Nicole. 

I’m a twenty-something health nut, yoga and green juice lover, and travel obsessed blogger behind Simply Nicole. I currently live in the Philadelphia suburbs with my husband, Bryan, and mini dachshund, Pete. 

I launched Simply Nicole in January 2009 in my tiny college bedroom. After years of having a disordered relationship with food, I wanted a place to share my journey towards a healthier and happier lifestyle. I loved sharing my grocery store finds, my workouts, and just random details about my day to day life in college. Now, more than eight years later, my little corner of the Internet has evolved into so much more. 

Simply Nicole is all about living a healthy, balanced life. I’m here to share simple recipes, enhance your understanding of nutrition and fitness, and review natural products for home and body. I’ll never recommend something that I don’t love and think is worthy of your money and your time. You’re busy, so I wanted to create a place to provide you quick and simple tips for your whole lifestyle. 

The Simply Nicole reader is someone who wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but also craves balance. She’s a woman who loves green juice and working out, but also loves ro, cheesecake, or my personal favorite, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. She’s someone who wants to kill it at the gym, but also wants to look hot for date night. 

This is a process. I hope you’ll join me on the ride.