Advice Needed

Today’s run was a bit longer than yesterday’s run, but I’m still finding myself jogging for a while then walking for a while.  My goal is to run a 5K without stopping.  Any tips?  I know I should probably sign up for a race, but I don’t feel like I am ready for that yet.  Here are the stats for today.
Start: 9:17am
Duration: 30min 30sec
Mileage: 2.21mi
I know that running for a cause that I really care about will be great motivation for me to start training for a race.  I just need to get into a good schedule with running.  Now that I am actively looking for a full-time job even more, I know that my running schedule will change once I start working a 9 to 5 that is NOT at home.  
In other news, yesterday I ate a honeycrisp that was huge!  No really, check this thing out!  Look at it compared to a hard boiled egg.
It was massive.
What are your tips for new runners who want to increase the amount of miles they can run without stopping?
What’s your favorite type of apples?
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3 comments on “Advice Needed

  1. R. Chandra on said:

    oh, honeycrisps! i'm a little obsessed, heheh. they are the best :D i think your the walk/run method is the way to go. honestly i still don't run more than 1-2 miles without a walking break. it all depends on your goals though – if you want to race 5ks that's more about speed because it's a short distance. maybe practice 0.25-0.5 mi. intervals of going as fast as you can, then stopping to walk? i like longer, slower distances. i've never done a 5k because the idea of going as fast as i can for 3 miles freaks me out! lol!

  2. Brittany@ A Spoonful of Peanut Butter on said:

    oh gosh- honey crisps are amazing!!and tips to increase running without stopping? hmmm….I would say adding intervals (I used to use the Womens Health running plan. Once you could run 30 minutes straight, they would have you run 3 minutes, sprint 1 minute then recover.). I dunno- good luck though!

  3. pamcakesandcoffee on said:

    I know that it might be silly, but if you have a smart phone, the "Couch to 5K" app worked for me!

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