Working in NYC & Finding Inspiration with Gap Art Director, Amy Stone

Hello everyone. I’m bringing you another post in my interview series, since I’ve received great feedback on these. You seem to love hearing about the healthy lifestyles of bloggers, creatives, influencers, and other people I think are personally very interesting!

Today, we’re chatting with Amy Stone. I came across one of Amy’s blogs eight or nine years ago. Turns out she was local, and went to Penn State while I was a student at West Chester University. Even back then, I knew that Amy would go on to do something really creative. Her photography skills were out of this world and she had a passion for fashion. I knew those two things alone would take her far. 

Let’s get into the interview!

Interview with Amy Stone

Hey Amy! Introduce yourself to my readers.

I am Amy Stone, an art director at Gap residing in Manhattan.

Gap sounds like a really fun place to work. What’s a typical work day look like?

My typical work day could involve one of two schedules: I’m either in the office, attending meetings, brainstorming with my team for the season ahead, and answering emails. Or, I am on set at a photoshoot overseeing creative production and approvals. At the end of the day, my job is to ensure that our creative for social media (photography, props, styling, editing) is consistent and visually appealing.

Interview with Amy Stone

With such a busy schedule, I’m dying to know what you do to stay healthy. Do you take any daily supplements?

I do not take any supplements at the moment, but I am going to introduce Zinc and Magnesium into my routine! 

What does a typical breakfast look like for you?

I usually have coffee with almond milk and avocado toast with berries, or an everything bagel with fruit on the side.

What about lunch and dinner?

Lunch and dinner both depend on where I am at the moment. After work, I typically have some kind of social commitment, whether it’s drinks with a brand/publicist of casual dinner with friends, so I usually am not cooking dinner at all but eating out. During the work week, my coworkers and I go out for lunch. I work in the Tribeca neighborhood and have so many healthy options: a suburban-sized Whole Foods, great healthy cafes like Mulburry & Vine, Two Hands, and Gotan. Our Gap HQ also has a great cafeteria in the building with an array of options! 

Do you keep healthy snacks near by for on-the-go?

Not usually, but I love Siggi’s Yogurt for a snack, particularly their coconut flavor. 

Interview with Amy Stone

Since you live in NYC but grew up in the Philadelphia suburbs, can you share some of your favorite restaurants and shops in both locales?

Absolutely! I really never spent much time in Philadelphia, but I love The Dandelion (incredible burger and fries!). I also love Rittenhouse Square, Elfred’s Alley (my aunt and uncle owned a townhouse there when I was younger), and the art museum. In New York, I love Polo Bar, Saxon + Parole, Bar Sardine, and Toby’s Estate Coffee. 

What’s a few of your strangest wellness habits?

I’m not sure if this is strange or a wellness habit, but I love sheet masks and use one every night to relax and improve my skin. 

Interview with Amy Stone

Where/who do you look to for inspiration?

I really see inspiration everywhere, whether it’s people watching in the park, trying a new restaurant with gorgeous decor, or seeing a new gallery or art exhibit with friends. I am all about constant observation, in real life! Looking to the past (period films, old books, iconic photography, architecture) as well. There’s a large world beyond Pinterest.

Quick Question time!

I can’t start my morning without:

Coffee or sunlight

First thing I do in the morning:

Wake up, put on whatever clothing is around, go out and get coffee, and walk back to my apartment to answer emails.

Interview with Amy Stone

My typical coffee order is:

Almond milk latte; hot in the winter and iced in the summer. 

Work item I can’t live without:

MacBook Air; we have a largely “work remote”/work from home culture, so as long as I have WiFi and my Air, I can work from anywhere.


In my bag right now is:

Simple card holder, keychain, iPhone, Chapstick, comb, and hand cream. 

Usually playing in my headphones is:

Anything from Lana Del Rey to The Rolling Stones, Tupac to Taylor Swift! 

If I had to describe myself in three words, they would be:

Compassionate, talkative, creative.

Interview with Amy Stone

If I could travel to anyplace in the world right now, I’d go to:

The Amalfi Coast in Italy, or London! But realistically, I’m going to Bermuda in two weeks.

Currently reading:

Nothing at the moment.

People would be surprised to know that I:

Was a varsity cheerleader in high school. No one believes me in NYC!

I’m most proud of:

Moving to New York and making a career that I couldn’t have dreamed of, with zero connections. 

// To learn more about Amy, visit her blog and Instagram


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