A Look at Our Apartment Foyer

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Hey! Happy Monday, everyone. Let’s chat about apartment living for a moment, shall we? If you’ve ever rented, you know that although there are loads of benefits, there are some downsides as well, including limited space and lighting in the foyer.

Why does this matter? Well, I’m all about first impressions. For instance, if I meet people for the first time and they seems shady, it takes me a WHILE to change my mind about them. Homes are really no different. 

Since I love entertaining and opening up our home to friends and family, I like making a good first impression. So that means no clutter, no random decor, and definitely no knick knacks in our foyer. Only items that are both functional and gorgeous.

Our foyer is small, so I don’t want any unnecessary items taking up precious real estate.  So what made the cut?

Decorate a small apartment foyer

apartment foyer decor

Four things: a mirror, lamp, console table and fake plant. It’s not much, but I like it that way.

The mirror and lamp really help add light and open up space. But before I go on, let me be clear. Adding these items won’t magically make your space 2x larger or give you the same light as a large window would. BUT, it’s definitely better than nothing. 

Ok, back to the mirror. When I first saw it on the Raymour & Flanigan website, I knew I had to have it. Not only was it the perfect size for our foyer, but it also didn’t look like all the other mirrors I’ve seen. {Side note, it was one of the mirrors that I mentioned in this post!} I love the unique shape and the antique silver frame. Bryan calls it the wicked queen mirror from Snow White, but he knows nothing about home decor. I’m obsessed. 

Aside from it being gorgeous, it really does serve a purpose. When I open our front door, the mirror reflects light from outside and helps brighten up the entire space.

apartment foyer decor

Next up in our foyer is a console table. I can’t seem to find a link to it anywhere, but this table is the same model except it’s a different color. We had the table in our old apartment and it was just so functional that we had to keep it. The table has three small drawers which we use to store keys, candles, and extra poo bags for Pete {hey, just keeping it real}. 

The last item in our foyer is a fake orchid plant. Since the foyer has NO sunlight, I knew that a real orchid plant would die immediately, so the fake route was the way to go. Plus, I’m TERRIBLE at remembering to water plants. I love how the orchid adds a bit of life, although it’s fake. Ha! 

I’m definitely going to decorate the foyer for fall, but I haven’t gotten around to mapping out what I want it to look like just yet. I’m VERY particular with home decor. If you have any suggestions on what might look cool in our space, leave a comment below, or reach out to me on Twitter or Instagram

Talk soon.
xo, Nicole

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