My Baby Shower Recap

baby shower inspiration

Today we’re talking all about my baby shower, which was on November 19th. Yes, this post is super late but the holidays really were crazy so I had to put this on the back burner for a little while. Better late than never, right?! Plus, I wanted to really do this post justice and not throw it together last minute.

At my shower, I was 28 weeks along which I think was the perfect timing. We had to have it before the craziness of the holidays and November 19th worked best for everyone. I was big enough so you could tell that I was pregnant, but the third trimester cramping and bloating hadn’t set in yet. 

The day turned out to be amazing! It was so nice to have my family and friends all in one place together showering my little one with lots of love. I hope you guys love this little recap that I put together. Just a heads up – some photos were taken on my nice camera and others were taken on my iPhone. I wanted to include them all, but that’s why the quality/editing is a bit inconsistent. 

baby shower inspiration

Shower Details

LOCATION: My in-laws’ home. My mother-in-law {MIL} and I looked into a few different venues for my shower, but nothing was really a good fit. The restaurants were nice, but they were too large for my guest list and needed a lot of decor to make the space intimate and cozy. That’s not something I wanted to do, nor was it something I wanted anyone else to have to do. We ended up having the shower at my mother- and father-in-law’s house and I’m so glad that we did. 

CATERING: Carlucci’s Italian Grill. My shower was during the early afternoon, so lunch was on the menu. I’m not a big sandwich person and didn’t like a lot of the options from Panera, Corner Bakery Cafe or places like that. Instead, we ordered from Carlucci’s Italian Grill in Yardley, PA. Bryan and I ate there a bunch of times in the past, so I knew the food was on point. We had vegetarian baked ziti, sausage and peppers {with rolls from Italian People’s Bakery}, chicken piccata, and an Italian salad with mixed greens, roasted peppers, eggplant, artichoke hearts, zucchini, sundried tomatoes and kalamata olives. Gah – just typing that up is making me hungry. If you are hosting an event in the Bucks County area, I highly recommend checking out Carlucci’s. They deliver and set up everything you’ll need. 

DESSERT: Fritz’s Bakery, Italian People’s Bakery and homemade. When my MIL asked me what kind of dessert I wanted for the shower, I told her that I didn’t really care for cake or cupcakes but would love to have cannolis. For whatever reason, I was craving them and just HAD to have them. My MIL ordered the cannolis from the Italian People’s Bakery, mini danishes from Fritz’s Bakery, and she made a batch of ricotta cookies herself. All the desserts were delicious! I need to get the ricotta recipe and share it with you guys, because OMG they were amazing.

baby shower inspiration

FAVORS: Woops! Macarons in King of Prussia Mall {c/o}. I don’t know about you, but I feel like favors can be a huge hit or miss for any occasion. In my experience, most people toss them in the trash unless they are edible or practical. I went with the edible route for my favors, because duh, I’m pregnant and constantly hungry. I chose French macarons since they’re something that people love but don’t typically buy for themselves very often.

Back in September, Bryan and I visited the Woops! kiosk at the King of Prussia Mall. It’s located near the food court in the new expansion area of the court. We taste-tested a bunch of different macaron flavors, and our favorites were raspberry, cookies and cream, and strawberry milkshake. I didn’t want to do double milk flavors so I ended up choosing the raspberry and cookies and cream for the shower. I picked them up the day before and put them in the freezer overnight. About half-way through the shower, my MIL put them out on the entryway table to come to room temperature. I was so happy with how they turned out! Each guest was sent home with a gorgeous box of two macarons tied with a silver bow. I ended up having a few leftover which definitely did NOT go to waste. 

FLOWERS: Trevose Flowers. When my MIL asked me what kind of decorations I wanted for the shower, I told her I didn’t want anything overly “baby” if that makes any sense. I didn’t want pink pacifiers hanging from the ceiling, a diaper cake, or anything too cheesy. If it was possible, I wanted just a few floral arrangements – a fall bouquet for the dining table and a baby breath bouquet for the entry way table. She ended up ordering from Trevose Flowers and they turned out beautiful.

INVITES/SIGNS/GAMES: Etsy {Invited By Audriana}. Ordering custom paper goods from Etsy is so simple and definitely gives your event a more personalized touch. I highly recommend the shop called Invited by Audriana, who created my invites, signs and games. All the pieces had the same overall theme, which helped create a consistent feel. 

PRIZES: Yankee Candle. My MIL picked up a few candles in the Soft Blanket scent, which were a huge hit. I personally love these candles because they have a clean scent, as opposed to something overly sweet. The Yankee Candle website describes it as, “a lullaby of clean citrus, luxurious vanilla and warm amber.” I actually have one just sitting in the nursery right now because it makes the room smell so good. 

MY OUTFIT: I wanted to be pretty dressed up for my shower. I wanted a pink dress, but a very specific shade. Nothing too “Barbie” and nothing too pastel. When I found this Ingrid & Isabel dress on the Nordstrom website in the color “hibiscus,” I knew I had to have it. It’s the most gorgeous fuchsia color, perfect for fall and winter events. {Just an FYI if you’re interested in buying this dress… it runs a bit small, so I went up a size and it fit perfectly.} Although it’s technically a maternity dress with room for a bump, I think you could get away with wearing it after pregnancy as well. The stretchy lace is really flattering! For shoes, I wore old nude patent pumps from Target. I couldn’t find a link to them, but these ones from Steve Madden are almost identical. People thought I was crazy for wearing heels, but I wanted to look and feel my best! 

baby shower inspiration

baby shower inspiration

That just about wraps up all the details about my baby shower. If I missed anything, definitely let me know. I remember looking at so many different blogs and articles online to get inspiration for my shower. I would get so mad when I reached out to get more details and the blogger never responded. I don’t want to do that to you guys, so please tweet me or leave me a comment if you need clarification on any of the vendors I mentioned! I’m here to help. 


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