The #1 Best Lip Balm for Chapped Lips

TGIF, you guys. I feel like I haven’t sat down and chatted with you in a while, so I’m working on a “Lately” post to go up next week. Think of it like you’re having a cocktail with me and I’m just rambling off what’s been up. Ya feel? 

Ok anyway, the purpose of this post is to tell you about a kick ass product that I’ve been using SO much lately. I purchased it with my own dolla dolla bills on Amazon Prime, and I feel STRONGLY about it. Strongly in the fact that I legit can’t live without it, and I bring it with me everywhere.

Ready for it?

Nipple balm… for lips. 

Dr Lipp review - the best lip balm for chapped lips

Dr Lipp Review - the best lip balm for chapped lips

Haha, let me back up a bit.

Last November when I visited my cousin in San Diego, my lips were insanely chapped. A 6-hour flight will do that to you. Every lip balm I brought just wasn’t doing the trick. I was complaining about it to my cousin, and she handed me Dr. Lipp. At first glance, I couldn’t help but laugh. The package read “nipple balm for lips.”  

I hesitantly put it on, and within an hour my lips felt better. 

WTF? What was this magical product? Why haven’t I heard about this before? 

Dr. Lipp review - the best lip balm for chapped lips

I’m going to get “preachy” for a minute, because this is important. Since our skin is like a sponge, we tend to absorb whatever we place on our body, including the chemicals and weird ingredients that we can’t pronounce. The FDA says that chemicals in skincare and beauty products are safe in small doses, but think about how much makeup, creams, and perfumes an average woman wears on a daily basis. YUCK. 

This is why I strive to use natural products. Natural ingredients help treat the skin more kindly than something that’s created synthetically in a lab. They don’t have pesticides or synthetic preservatives, and most are also fragrance-free. 

But, I’ll be honest. Not every single one of the products I use is natural. I do my best. However, lip balm is SUPER important to go natural because let’s face it. It’s on your LIPS. You’re probably ingesting some of the product. 

Dr. Lipp review - the best lip balm for chapped lips

Dr. Lipp is made from 100% lanolin. Lanolin comes from sheep’s wool. It’s extracted after the sheep has been shorn during the summer. Dr. Lipp uses lanolin from Australian sheep who graze freely and whose fleeces aren’t marked with toxic paint.

If you’re a nursing mother, you’re probably familiar. It apparently works wonders for chapped nips, so it’s no surprise that is also is great for your lips. {Damn, I should be a rapper.} The skin there is also really thin! Lanolin speeds up the recovery of chapped skin and helps protect it against harsh environments, aka freezing cold northeast winters. 

It’s not that cheap though. It’s $16.50. EEK. Bryan almost died when I told him I was ordering a lip balm on Amazon for $16.50. 

So yes, it’s expensive, but it lasts for a long time. It’s SUPER hydrating and stays on for hours. If I put it on in the morning, I don’t have to reapply until after lunch.

Aside from your lips, you can also Dr. Lipp for like a hundred other uses, including dry cuticles, dry skin patches, fine lines, split ends, and small cuts and burns. It also works GREAT as an eyebrow gel. 

Dr. Lipp review - best lip balm for chapped lipsc

Now you know why I’m obsessed with this stuff. It’s in my bag at all times and I’ve even gotten Bryan hooked on it {and he’s SUPER picky}.

Big shout out to my cousin Amanda who introduced me to this product. My wallet hates you.  

Ok, time to head to work. Happy Friday everyone! 

xo, Nicole


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