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simply Saturday

Today has been rather relaxing.  I told you all on Twitter my plans:

I did go grocery shopping & blog writing, but the gym never happened.  My first stop of the day was the grocery store.  I pretty much stuck to my original grocery list; getting a lot of fresh produce and ingredients to make a lentil and couscous salad.  By the way… Gardein fake chicken fingers are the absolute best cooked in the toaster oven and dipped in BBQ sauce.   If you don’t eat meat, you MUST try these.

Bryan was out with an old colleague of his, so I made the grocery trip alone.  The positives of going grocery shopping alone:  taking 15 minutes to stare at cereal that I’ve heard good reviews on and pondering whether I should purchase it or not, and going down only the healthy isles and not being tempted to purchase boxes of Oreos.  The negatives of going grocery shopping alone:  having to bag all my groceries myself and carrying them from my car to my house alone.

When I got home from grocery shopping, I checked the mail and saw this:

The wonderful people at Sunwarrior mailed me a sample of their raw vegan vanilla protein powder.  I plan on using this in my spinach smoothie on Monday– with a review soon after.

My day wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Dunkin for iced coffee.  Lucky me, Bry had to get gas anyway so he drove us over to the Dunkin Donuts with the gas station.

What did you do on your Saturday afternoon?

simply Saturday

Good morning readers.  I’ve been awaiting this weekend all week.  Partially, because my townhouse still isn’t up to my standards.  The walls are still bare and there isn’t much decor and color.  This weekend, I plan to pick up some needed items to liven things up.

No errands until my coffee is finished.

There are many places that we need to go to today. However, we can’t go anywhere until the Comcast cable men come and drill holes through our walls and bring us cable. While this is going on, I plan to think positively (they better have this fixed!) and relax on the couch.

Today’s agenda looks like this:

  1. Bank:  to deposit $$ and write a check for our rent
  2. Ikea:  to return items
  3. Bed, Bath, & Beyond:  to return items
  4. Walmart:  to return items
  5. Pottery Barn:  to pick up matted framesgreen apple decor
  6. Pandora:  to pick up a bracelet that needed to be repaired
  7. Farmer’s Market:  to purchase fresh flowers and fruits & vegetables for the week

What do you have planned for today?

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