4 Super Simple Eco-Friendly Tips and Tricks

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As you guys know, I’m huge on using natural products in my home. I’ve talked about my favorites here on the blog, as well as on Snapchat and Instagram numerous times. You know I don’t have time for nasty chemicals that touch my food and my skin. This is nothing new.

Since April is Earth Month, I thought it would be a fitting time to share some quick eco-friendly tips and tricks that I’ve been doing for years now. These are tips that you can start implementing now, and that won’t break the bank. 

1. Invest in reusable bags

Did you know that the average American uses six plastic shopping bags per week? With a population of roughly 300 million, that means 1.8 BILLION bags are used and discarded in our country every week. That’s crazy. 

Do your part in making our planet a more green place by just using reusable bags. You can get them anywhere, but most conveniently right in your grocery store. I keep mine in my trunk, so they’re always available.

Of course reusable bags are eco-friendly, but they have lots of other benefits too. For one, many retailers will give you a small discount for each bag you bring in. Who doesn’t like saving money?! Secondly, reusable bags are much larger than plastic bags and some even have zippers, which means less trips out to your car when you get home. This benefit alone makes them SO worth it for me. I do a lot of grocery shopping without Bryan, so I hate having to make multiple trips back out to my car. 

2. Run the dishwasher

We’re all busy, so who really has the time to wash dirty dishes by hand? I know I sure don’t, and you know what? Using the dishwasher is actually better for the environment anyway.

I know what you’re thinking. “How could using the dishwasher be eco-friendly?” Well, dishwashers save an average of 5,000 gallons of water and 230 hours of your time each year. Plus, it uses half the energy and less soap too. Win, win, win. 

3. Use natural countertop cleaners

We have granite kitchen countertops, so it’s difficult to see all the dirt and grime that builds up there. Because of this, I clean my counters numerous times per day. I can’t stand when there are crumbs all over the place. It drives me nuts. So when I decided to start using more natural household products, a countertop cleaner was one of the first products I started buying regularly. 

When you use natural cleansers, you’re reducing the amount of toxins that are entering your home and body. Think of it this way… your countertops come in contact with the food you eat. Our food already has a lot of chemicals in them {unless you buy 100% organic}, so why run the risk of contaminating them with more? Natural cleansers also contain no compounds like bleach and ammonia, which can harm our lungs. 

4. Brush with natural toothpaste

I feel like people have an expectation that natural products are less-effective. I can’t vouch for every product on the market, but I can tell you with 100% confidence that Tom’s of Maine toothpaste works. I’ve been using the brand for years now, and I’ve never received any bad feedback from my dentist. 

When I found out that the brand had launched a new product, {Tom’s of Maine “Luminous White™” Toothpaste Clean Mint}, I had to try it out. I bought it at my local Walmart store, which was super convenient and at a great price. 

I’m a huge fan of the flavor because for me, toothpaste HAS to be minty. I’ve tried fruity ones in the past and I just can’t do it. It’s got to be mint. Not only that, but I love that it whitens while being safe on enamel. Plus, it doesn’t contain any nasty artificial flavors, colors or preservatives! 

eco-friendly tips and tricks

If you’re interested in trying out Tom’s of Maine toothpaste, head on over to  Ibotta. Ibotta is a free app that pays you cash for everyday purchases. Use ibotta earn .75 cents with your purchase!

// I hope you guys have a great Monday. I’ve got a long work day ahead of me, but I’m going to yoga later. It’s one of my favorite classes – align and flow. Enjoy your day! xo, Nicole



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    Such great ideas! Thank you so much! (client)

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