Fall Playlist

Fall Playlist

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I have a thing with music. Music can bring me back to a time in my life, whether that’s a vacation I took, a bad breakup, or just a random experience. For instance, Augustana’s All the Stars and Boulevards album will forever remind me of my trip to San Diego in 2007. I listened to the entire album during my time there. Coldplay will always remind me of snowstorms, because I played their songs for 3 hours as I was stuck driving home in a crazy storm a couple years ago. Music is the world to me. I love putting together playlists for each season, so today I’m sharing what I’ve been listening to this fall. 

Talk To Me

  • What are 5 songs that you are loving this season?
  • Does music remind you of a specific time in your life? 
  • Who is your favorite artist right now?

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