My 6 Ride or Die Face Masks

Alright you guys. As I’m writing this post, I have a face mask on. But really, it’s no shocker. If you ever catch me at home, 9 times out of 10, you’d see me hanging out in sweats and a face mask. Bryan tells me all the time that he sees me more often in a mask than not. Whatever, I’m obsessed. 

Since they are such a huge part in my everyday routine, I thought it would be fun to share the six that I always keep on hand. I’ll warn you ahead of time. Some of these masks are inexpensive {under $10!}, while some are more high-end. Some contain natural ingredients and some don’t. It’s all about balance. 

These masks are my favorites, because of the benefits I’ve seen from them. Each serves a different purpose. The one I grab on any given day, depends on how my skin is doing and what it needs. I’ve outlined the benefits of each mask below, but please keep in mind that everyone’s skin is different. I personally need masks that hydrate, smooth skin, and treat blemishes, so a lot of the masks I mention below help with that. I’ve also shared my favorite anti-aging mask too. I love being preventative!

This is going to be a long post, but I feel like I need to tell you guys all about these products {none of this is sponsored!}. Keep reading…

Face mask favorites via

1. Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

First up is an oldie but goodie – Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay. I’ve been using this mask for years now. It’s been so long that I don’t actually remember when and where I first bought it. All I know is that it’s really affordable and it lasts forever. {Tip: don’t carry this mask on an airplane. LOL. If you’ve read this post, you know all about that fiasco.}

The mask contains 100% natural calcium bentonite clay. You mix it with either water or apple cider vinegar to create a paste, and then apply to dry skin. If your skin is sensitive or really dry, I’d start with water first before diving into ACV. Use a cheap makeup brush to apply, because it’s a bit difficult with just your fingers. 

BENEFITS: Reduces acne inflammation, shrinks pores, softens skin

2. Eminence Clear Skin Probiotic Mask

The Clear Skin Probiotic Mask from Eminence is a game changer.  It’s one of the best clean beauty products I’ve found. So, if you’re looking to switch to a more natural routine, I highly recommend giving this a shot. It contains really great ingredients including yogurt {helps moisturize}, cucumber, shea butter, marigold, kaolin clay, tea tree oil {great for blemishes} and antioxidants. The mask is organic, natural and cruelty free, and is made without parabens, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate or any other nasty chemicals. 

It’s on the more pricey side, but it’s definitely 100% worth it. However, I found a sample pack for under $10 if you’re interested in trying it out before investing in a full-size jar. 

BENEFITS: Reduces acne inflammation, reduces redness, soothes irritation

3. Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Detox Eye Masks

If you suffer from puffy under-eyes in the morning {who doesn’t!}, you’ve got to try these Cucumber Detox Eye Masks from Peter Thomas Roth. I’ve talked about these so many times on Snapchat, that you’re probably tired of hearing about them. I use these at least 4x a week, so let me explain it once more because they are THAT good. 

The Detox Eye Masks are small gel patches that you place under your eyes. They are extremely cooling and perfect to use in the mornings. I love using them before heading to work or on the weekends before an important event. It makes it look like I got 8+ hours of sleep, when in reality I probably got around 5-ish. 

BENEFITS: Reduces puffiness and dark circles

4. Joanna Vargas The Forever Glow Sheet Mask

Up until last year, I thought sheet masks were a bit strange. I didn’t see how they could be beneficial at all, and I thought that there were a trend that would soon die off. Plus, the ones I’ve always seen in stores had the worst ingredients possible.

I finally decided to give sheet masks a shot, and I’m so glad that I did. The first one that I tried was the The Forever Glow mask from celebrity facialist, Joanna Vargas. If you’re looking for an anti-aging product, this one is for you. The ingredients are organic and on point: cabbage rose extract, gingko rose extract, kelp, olive leaf extract, niacinamide, penta-peptides and hyaluronic acid. 

I use the product at least once a month, and keep it on while I’m cooking dinner or watching TV. Yeah, I may look like a crazy person and Bryan definitely gives me strange looks, but my skin feels and looks amazing the morning after. 

BENEFITS: Minimizes fine lines, improved circulation, reduces overall inflammation

5. Murad Intensive-C Radiance Peel

The Murad Intensive-C Radiance Peel is no joke. Usually when I’m dealing with a lot of dark spots on my face, I’ll reach for this product. It contains glycolic acid, which exfoliates your skin and accelerates the turnover of dark damaged cells. It also has Vitamin C which protects the skin and enhances its brightness. 

After applying the mask and letting it soak into my skin for 15-20 minutes, I’ll wash it off and apply a dark spot serum. This one from Clinique is my favorite. I’ve purchased probably 6 bottles throughout the years. Using these two products by themselves work fine, but combining them really works wonders for my skin. 

BENEFITS: Brightens skin, reduces dark spots, improves skin texture

6. L’Oreal Paris Purify Clay Mask

Alright, last up is one of my new favorites – the L’Oreal Paris Clay Mask. My skin has been nuclear lately with the breakouts {just keeping it real}, and nothing seems to be helping it except for this clay mask.I think I’ve used it every day this week so far.

It has the same benefits as the Aztec Healing Clay that I mentioned earlier, expect that it’s MUCH easier to use. There’s no mixing with water or ACV. All you do is apply it directly to your dry skin. Quick and efficient! The mask hardens on your face as it dries, which helps absorb impurities and unclog pores. But it’s no joke. You won’t be able to eat or really move your face at all while it’s on, so use it while catching up on Netflix. 

Even if you don’t have problem skin, this mask is great for just general skin rejuvenation. When you rinse the mask off, your skin will be SO soft and you won’t see a bit of dryness. Trust me. It keeps the moisture in, so that makeup application is seamless. 

BENEFITS: Reduces appearance of acne, reduces redness, hydrates and smoothes skin

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