Favorite Foods at the Moment

Good morning everyone!  I am glad you liked my blog post from yesterday, Why Blogging Is Harder Than You Think.  I felt it was an important issue to address, given that people still downgrade the value of bloggers.  Yesterday I also went to the mall and tried on those shoes from Macy’s again.  I decided that I liked them enough to buy them online!  That package will be here in a week or so.  Getting fun stuff in the mail puts a smile on my face.

In the food department, I recently realized that I tend to grab the same foods everyday.  Now that fall is almost here, I figured I’d share some of my favorite foods at the moment. 

Dark chocolate salted caramel squares
 Homemade pizza on store bought flatbread
 Cottage cheese doubles- I used to HATE these, but recently I’ve been eating them non-stop
 Pumpkin butter & apple butter: applied on everything!

Web Design, Market Research and More
I also thought that I would mention a really great company that one of my friends owns.  He recently received a Master’s of Arts in Professional and Business Communication from the same program I did.  Here’s a little bit about his consulting firm.

TJS Business Consulting is a creative, innovative, and memorable consulting company owned by one of my friends from graduate school, Tyler Stike.  His company offers various services for small businesses:

  • Website design.  The TJS Consulting website as well as every website they create is run from a 100% green provider.
  • Advertising consulting.  Advertisements and logos that are guaranteed to be seen in the best advertising locations.  Making advertisements that are successful and guaranteed to be seen with research into best advertising locations.
  • Event promotions.
  • Customer retention & increasing customer communication.
  • Marketing research: In depth research into target markets, competition, past efforts and future trends to tap into.

If you are interested in working with TJS Consulting and/or need a quote you can enter your information into their contact form.  All readers of simply Nicole will be given a 10% discount for all services.  Just mention in your contact form that you heard about TJS Consulting through simply-Nicole.com

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4 comments on “Favorite Foods at the Moment

  1. runningbetty on said:

    Pumpkin butter?! YUM!

  2. R. Chandra on said:

    trader joes has theee best pumpkin butter in the world. it's like pudding in a jar. so dangerous.

  3. Yes Betty. You neeeeeed to try it!Chandra: I'll have to check it out. I'm in love with everything pumpkin.

  4. j-dranks on said:

    i've been meaning to try those cottage cheese doubles! even though i've never had cottage cheese in my life before, and used to be kind of afraid to try it, those just sound too good!

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