Gift Guide for Men

Hey guys. Before we get into today’s gift guide for men, I wanted to tell you the coolest thing that happened to me this past weekend. I went to the mall on Sunday, and decided to stop into Lululemon to try on these leggings that I’ve had my eye on for a while. So, I head back into the dressing room and the girl working says, “You look so familiar.” My first thought was that maybe she went to West Chester University and we had classes together. She then goes on to say, “Do you have a blog?… Are you Simply Nicole?” Ahh, I don’t think anyone has recognized me out in public, so this encounter DEFINITELY made my day. Hi Katie, if you’re reading this! 

Ok, back to normal programming. Today I’m sharing some gift ideas for the guy in your life. I worked on this post with Bryan, so rest assured that these picks are guy-approved. We started brainstorming ideas over a month ago, so I’m excited to finally share this post with you. 


Hoodie: Rhone “Hanzo” (c/o), Pants: Rhone “Torrent” (c/o)
T-Shirt: Rhone “Sentry” (c/o), Sneakers: Saucony Triumph ISO

Gift Guide for Men

Bryan is a big fan of athleisure. You know, athletic clothing that is nice enough to wear outside the gym to run errands, hang out, whatever. He’s been a huge fan of the brand Rhone for over a year now, and wears their products at least a few times a week. So when I asked him to pick out some things to feature in a men’s gift guide, his Rhone stuff was one of the first things he chose. Everything they have is such high quality, and won’t get damaged in the washer. {This is huge for me, because I always seems to ruin our clothes!}  Rhone’s products are moisture-wicking and are made with anti-odor technology that fights off not only odor, but also sweat stains. So, this stuff LASTS. 

Some of Bryan’s favorite products from the brand include the Hanzo hoodie, Torrent pants, Sentry t-shirt, and Mako shorts. The shorts aren’t pictured in this post, but go check them out. Bryan basically lived in them all summer long, and even now sleeps in them because they are so comfy. I’m a bit jealous, because I WISH Rhone sold women’s clothing. 

If you’re interested in buying some Rhone items for your guy this holiday season, use code SimplyNicole10 for 10% all orders until 12/31/16. 



Gift Guide for Men


Gift Guide for Men

Below are some other great gift ideas for the guy in your life. As I said earlier, Bryan helped me pick out every single item and gave this post his stamp of approval. So whether you’re looking for a gift for your boyfriend, husband, friend, grandpop, dad, whomever… I think we have you covered. 


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