How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes Naturally


Now that the weather is getting into the 90s, I don’t feel the need to wear a lot of foundation. Makeup melting off my face just isn’t the look I’m going for. However, now more than ever is a great opportunity to clean my brushes, and you should too! 

Makeup brushes can hold lots of gross stuff, like old makeup residue and toxins from sweat, oil and bacteria. When you don’t wash them between uses, you’re basically smearing the dirt and grime all over your face. 

Cleaning your makeup brushes will only take a few minutes, so there is no excuse not to. Right now, I wash my brushes at least once a week, but my goal is to wash them 3-4 times/week. 

Clean Your Makeup Brushes Naturally

What You’ll Need:

  • Makeup Brushes
  • 1 part coconut oil, 1 part natural dish washing liquid
  • Small glass bowl
  • A dry hand towel

Clean Your Makeup Brushes Natually3


1. Mix 1 part coconut oil and 1 part dish washing liquid. I use the Seventh Generation brand, but you can use any natural brand of your choosing. 

2. Dip the brush into the solution and swirl around on the palm of your hand. You’ll start to see the makeup coming out of the brush. 

3. Place the brush under water and repeat step 2 until all makeup is removed. 

4. Lay brushes flat to air-dry on a clean hand towel.  

Clean Your makeup brushes naturally 5

Clean Your Makeup Brushes Naturally4

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  1. May 26, 2015 / 10:02 pm

    eeeeeeeek i don’t clean my brushes nearly enough… maaaaaybe twice a year? gross

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