Everything Wellness + Overcoming Obstacles with Kate from Kalein It & The GOOD Society

Hey hey. When I was brainstorming people to chat with for my next post in my Interview series, my blogger friend Kate was towards the top of the list. She’s seriously a wealth of knowledge for everything wellness – healthy recipes, fitness tips, natural beauty products, and more.

She’s on the go like many of us, and somehow has figured out how to balance it all. She’s a true hustler, so I  think you’ll really enjoy her tips and tricks. 

kalein it kate the good society

Introduce yourself to my readers.

Hi! I’m Kate, I’m a blogger, influencer, foodie, recipe developer, yogi, and wellness-junkie. I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia.

I’m also the co-founder of GOOD. We host wellness events like the upcoming GOOD Festival coming April 22 (and we are already planning our second), as well as smaller pop-up events like cooking classes, plant-based feasts, and corporate wellness talks! Lastly, GOOD includes an online membership called the GOOD Society. The membership offers recipes, holistic health trips, and a tribe of women to chat with for support. 

What are some of your non-negotiable, go-to wellness tips and tricks?

Water with lemon in the morning! I know everyone says that. I also make sure to start every morning with fruits, veggies and healthy fats – so usually a smoothie! It’s the only way I continue to make healthy choices throughout the day. I always have at least one phone call scheduled during the work day, I make it a priority to get outside with my pup and walk while I talk! Drink TONS of water, and lately I’ve been prioritizing sleep more and loving it. I also NEED yoga and meditation in my routine, as well as daily small acts of self-care.

What’s your favorite healthy breakfast recipe?

My go-to green smoothie is always almond milk, spinach, chia seed, spirulina, cinnamon, almond butter and banana. Simple! I like to top it with Purely Elizabeth granola

YUM. What about lunch and dinner?

Lunch I like to make salads with kale or romaine, and some chickpeas or lentils, cucumber, carrots, tomato, and any other veggies I have on hand! I like to prepare a dressing early in the week, and use it for lunch everyday. Usually it’s my cashew Caesar dressing, but today I testing a lemon poppy seed dressing recipe made with coconut yogurt. OMG it was good!

Dinner lately has been a lot of cauliflower rice and beans, salmon and veggies, and omelets (yes for dinner, I can’t eat eggs in the AM) with plenty of spinach, broccoli, and hot sauce or salsa. Again, super simple!

cashew caesar dressing recipe

Do you have healthy snacks that you keep for on-the-go?

I always have fresh fruit, nuts, Go Macro bars, celery/carrot stick with hummus, popcorn, and tortilla chips (they are my vice). 

Let’s switch gears for a bit. What do you do for your full-time job?

I work on The GOOD Festival and The GOOD Society with my friends (and biz partners) Jess and Jen. I also work on my blog, Kaleinit.com! I used to work in advertising and marketing for pharmaceutical companies and I really, really… hated it. I started my blog while working at the advertising agency and kept working at it until it became my career about 8 months ago. 

How do you stay balanced when you have so many different roles?

It’s tough. I live by my to-do lists. I also stopped putting so much pressure on myself to complete EVERYTHING on these lists, and I felt relief. The GOOD Festival alone has about a million different moving parts, and sometimes I have to close the laptop, and take care of me (yoga class!). So in my opinion, setting realistic goals (around work, health, fitness, everything!) is the key to moderation and balance when trying to hustle.

What was your inspiration for starting your blog? Did you have any hesitations? 

My biggest inspiration was to share my story of recovery. I wanted other struggling to know that there is hope, that it is possible, and that you can learn to love your body again. 

I wanted it also to feature the things I love about health and wellness, allow me to express my creativity, and just generally become my platform to connect with others who share a similar background, or who also just love great healthy food!

What do you think sets you apart from other influencers/bloggers?

I think we all have so many things that make us unique and set us apart. I am always inspired by other influencers, and how they utilize their brand and how they give back to their following and readers. I also love when a blogger or influencer is totally themselves and their authenticity shines.

As for myself, I think I saw a need to go beyond the social media and blogging worlds, and connect in person. I saw that this strong community was being built but we weren’t getting in the same room! I can’t wait for the festival. I plan to give a ton of hugs, connect with the ladies attending, and learn from our speakers… together. I think that’s going to be really powerful and I can’t wait for that day.

It’s certainly time we start to support one another in wellness, rather than compete or compare.

I couldn’t agree more! Who are some people that you look up to? Where do you find inspiration?

I’ve always looked up to my mom. Both my parents, actually. They’re both the strongest and most hardworking people I know. I’m also inspired by our speakers attending the event, alway have been that’s why I reached out to them!

I find inspiration everywhere. For recipes, I definitely just like to find an ingredient that is seasonal and build a meal and flavor around that. I love to check out other bloggers’ (and non-bloggers’) photography styles and writing styles too as inspiration. I LOVE going out to eat and “reviewing” the food, the atmosphere, the experience. I also notice when I travel, even for a day trip, I come back with way more ideas.

I am my most creative and think of most ideas and solutions to problems in the shower… but who doesn’t?! 

Can you give us a sneak peak on what’s to come for Kalein it?

Kalein it (my personal blog) will always be my baby. I love it, and love the opportunities it has offered me – so, it will probably just remain an extension of me and evolve! As for GOOD, expect a second festival on the West Coast. Our fingers are crossed for Fall of 2017! We’re also working on hosting small retreats, and of course planning to continue to strengthen this community that we are building, and celebrating the GOOD life!


Quick Question Time!

I drive a:

Audi A4 Convertible (it’s not brand new…)

In my purse right now is:

GOOD business cards, GOOD postcards, Pacifica Mediterranean Fig Roll On Perfume, S.W. Basics Cream (best for chapped lips), my planner, three phone chargers, and chewed up pens (horrible habit). 

My top three beauty must-haves are:

Franklin and Whitman face masks, Truthpaste Toothpaste (LOVE it), and Piperwai deodorant. My beauty routine is really minimal, but these are my “non-makeup” favorites! 

I’m most proud of:

Being happy, healthy and in recovery. I struggled with anorexia for years, and although it was the most difficult thing I’ve ever faced, recovering is my proudest accomplishment (and one that changed/saved my life). 

Every day I have to:

Snuggle HARD with my dog. My boyfriend and I start the morning with a “family hug” with our beagle, Ralph. I also have to check my emails… like A LOT.

My fav guilty pleasure is:

Shark Tank. I tell myself that I’m improving my business by watching, but seriously… I’m OBSESSED. Give me chips and salsa during a Shark Tank episode and I will FREAK. That’s my other favorite guilty pleasure… chips, guac, and a glass of wine.

If I had to describe myself in 3 words, they would be:

Driven AF, passionate, creative

My favorite social media platform is:

Gotta give it to Instagram, for sure. I honestly wouldn’t be doing anything that I’m doing without it. Which is odd to say, but I’m very grateful for the platform that allowed me to connect with this community.

If I could travel anywhere, I’d go to:

The Maldives.

My typical Starbucks order is:

It’s boring! I used to be a big Starbucks drinker and now not so much. Usually an almond milk latte, or a cold brew with coconut milk, no sweeteners. 

//Learn more about Kate by visiting her blog, The GOOD Society, and Instagram




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