On My Radar: Practical Knee-High Boots Under $200

Bryan bought me a pair of brown Ralph Lauren knee-high leather boots probably 7 years ago. It was one of our first Christmases together. I remember being SO excited to wear them. Before then, I hadn’t owned a pair of good quality leather boots. I was used to wearing cheap pleather ones that lasted a few months, then fell apart. 

Well, 7 years went by, and my Ralph Lauren boots have seen better days. I can’t wear them much anymore because they look really bad. No amount of leather cleaner or stain will help at this point.  

Why didn’t I just ask for new boots for my birthday or for Christmas? I’m super picky and wanted to try a bunch on, and didn’t have time to do that. The mall is the LAST place I want to be after working all day. And, I wasn’t down for battling the crowds in Nordstrom on the weekends. Anyway… long story short, I’m finally getting around to online shopping for a new pair. 

Although this post is mainly a place for me to keep track of my favorites, you might find it very beneficial. I’ve scoured the internet for all the cutest, high quality, knee high boots for you. What’s even better is that they are all under $200! Hell yes. Also – they are very practical. As many of you know, I live in the Philadelphia area. We get snowy, slushy, cold winters. Suede boots, although VERY cute, are maybe the dumbest thing to wear.

Okay, enough rambling. Below are some kick-ass knee high boots under $200. Yes, from the pictures, they all look pretty similar. I know what I like. If you click on the links, you’ll see subtle details that make each pair a bit different. Happy shopping! 
Practical Knee-High Boots Under $2001. Louise et Cie “Zaya”

2. Blondo “Velvet”

3. Nine West “Nicolah” 

4. Naturalizer “Jennings”

5. Vine Camuto “Bendra”

6. Cole Haan “Elverton” 

7. Sam Edelman “Penny”

8. Naturalizer “Wynnie”

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