Making Time to Workout

I’ve been in a funk lately. I haven’t been getting enough sleep, I haven’t been feeling very creative, and I’ve been feeling pretty bleh overall. Maybe it’s all that Halloween candy that I’ve been eating. #truth.

My days have been jam-packed and I haven’t been scheduling a lot of time for myself. Your day might look similar to my own. Wake up, work on my blog {or go back to sleep for an hour}, get ready for work, commute to work, work for 8+ hours, commute home, cook dinner, spend time with family, watch TV, take a shower, get ready for bed, go to sleep. REPEAT. 

You’ll notice there are no workouts scheduled. That’s not really intentional, but most days I don’t make time for them. I hate to make excuses, but we’ve all been there. If I’m training for something or following a very specific workout program {remember Jamie Eason’s Live Fit Trainer?!}, I’ll go to the gym. But otherwise, I let working out take a backseat. And that is very bad. 

So, my goal over the next week is to purchase a barre class and just go! I know that if I spend the money on a group class, I’ll definitely get myself there and not waste it. Once I start working out again, I’m likely to fall into a better routine. I know that personally, I’ve never regretted a workout. Sure, I might hate every minute of it as I’m sweating my face off at the gym, but the endorphins are flowing afterwards and I feel amazing. 


Many of you might also be stuck in a rut. However, no time is better than NOW. With the holidays quickly approaching, it’s only going to become more difficult to carve out some time for a good workout. To help you a bit and inspire you to get moving, I’ve pulled together some of my favorite fitness posts here on the blog. Don’t wait until next week. Do it today. 

At-Home & Gym Workouts

Group Classes

Running Tips 

Favorite Workout Essentials

// Leave me a comment below and let me know your fitness goal! 


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