Midsummer Night 5K

Good morning everyone!  I started my week with a rough morning.  I had my workout clothes set out all ready for a morning workout, but after only getting approximately 4 hours of sleep when my alarm went off at 5:45am, I knew I should get back to sleep.  I slept for another hour and a half and finally rolled out of bed.  I headed to work on a terrible, rainy Monday worked until 5pm then made my way to the gym for a “quick” 2 miles on the treadmill (18:55min).  The word quick is in quotations because I’m still not nearly as fast as I want to be, but I’m making progress.

Check out those guns.  Bryan calls them my bones.  They. are. muscles.

I would have done some weight training yesterday, but my stomach was growling for dinner.  Thus, I listened to my body and walked back home.  I’m still looking for a race to run this summer.  Anyone in the Philadelphia area have a race in mind?  I’m thinking about doing the Bryn Mawr Midsummer Night 5K.  It’s only $17.00 online for 1 race.  I don’t see the point in running the whole series (3 races), as I’d rather spend the money on various races.


I know my friend my Krissie is running this series, so maybe we will do it together.  I’ve never done a race after work, but this might be a good one to do.  The course is rather flat and I’m hoping that by 7pm the summer heat will be under control.  I’m still not 100% which race I want to do yet, but I’m pretty sure I’ll just bite the bullet and register.

According to the race website,

“the 5k race will take place in the quiet and safe neighborhood surrounding South Ardmore Park, Wynnewood Pa on the second Thursday evening of each Summer month (except for August- 3rd Thursday). The course will consist of 3 circuits on a slightly rolling course called the “Ardmore Loop.”

Are you running any races this summer?
How do you deal will running in the heat?

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