The Music You NEED For Fall {Cool Air & Chai Lattes Playlist}

Fall playlist on Simply Nicole

Since it’s September 8, fall is basically already here. The 80 degree weather might not agree with me, but September means fall and that’s that. Plus, there’s no harm in getting in the fall spirit a tad bit early. Especially since we barely have a fall season in Philadelphia. The weather generally goes from humid summers to snow storms, with a few weeks of 50 degree weather in between. 

Loving fall is so BASIC of me, I know. What girl doesn’t love boots, puffer vests, pumpkin everything, and fall Bath & Body Works candles? Side note: I actually don’t like pumpkin spice lattes. I prefer an almond milk chai latte with a pump or two of pumpkin syrup. Try it. It will change your world. 

But anyway…

When the seasons start to change, I like to create a new playlist. I craft the perfect playlist WELL in advance. {I’m one of those people who listen to Christmas music mid-November. #noshame} But, I’m pretty specific in my music choices, and some people might call me crazy. What can I say? I’m a creature of habit. For instance, I only listen to country music in the summer, while lounging in the pool and sipping a Corona Light. I play Michael BublĂ© only during Christmas, and acoustic music during fall and winter. It’s just I function.

Someone please comment below and tell me you agree.

So, this post is all about music to get you in the mood for fall, and my “Cool Air & Chai Lattes” playlist will do just that. Think lots of indie, folk, and acoustic. It’s music you can listen to while sipping a warm drink, taking long drives, cozying up on the couch, etc. Enjoy!




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