Office Refresh: Part One

Since our wedding, our home office has been a complete nightmare. We’ve been using the room to store things we couldn’t find a place for, and after 6 months it was time for a refresh. The room isn’t even almost done, but I figured I would share a few photos of what we’ve done so far. 

To deal with our iron and ironing board, we (I say we, because Bryan helped a LOT!) hung up a holder that I bought from Target a few weeks ago. It was only $5.99 and ended up being the perfect solution! It fits our iron perfectly! It gets the ironing board off the floor and gives the iron it’s own “home.” Before installing this, our iron was shoved in our linen closet and our ironing board was placed behind our office door. The board kept falling and it was driving me nuts! 

Office Refresh at

I also made my own chalkboard frame a few weeks ago that I was thrilled to hang this past weekend. I simply re-purposed this frame that I bought for our wedding (Photo by Jeff Frandsen). I can’t wait to use it for reminders, words of wisdom and random doodles! I hope to get a DIY post up on this sometime soon. 

Office Refresh at

Office Refresh at

Other New Additions to our Office:

  • I love our Dyson vacuum. We received it as a wedding present, and I use it all the time. We’re actually getting rid of our heavy Hoover vacuum, because the Dyson is the best.  This past weekend, I finally nailed the docking station to the wall. Now our beloved Dyson sits inside our office closet and is easily accessible. 
  • I’ll be adding a filing cabinet this week to keep all our important papers organized. I’ve tried binders in the past, but they never worked for my personal documents. I felt like I had too many “categories” of papers to fit into a binder. The filing cabinet should (in theory) keep things organized and in it’s own place. Keep an eye out for my paper organization post soon!
  • We’re getting a bookshelf! I’m ordering a bookshelf later tonight to hold the books I just can’t part with. Most people are 100% e-book at this point, but for me there’s something relaxing about picking up a physical book and turning pages. I’ll also be using the bookshelf to hold the binders that I do have. 

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