Prive Salon and Style Bar Review

Prive Salon and Style Bar Review

Prive Salon and Style Bar provided a complimentary service, but is not paying me to mention them. 
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Since I got married, I’ve had terrible hair salon experiences. I let my hair grow out for the wedding, but right after, I decided to chop it all off. As usual, I called my hair salon to make an appointment and was told that my stylist left! (To cut her some slack, she had a baby. Can’t fault her there.) I opted to just get my hair cut by a newbie at the same salon. How much could she really mess up my hair? A LOT. I left the salon basically in tears. About 6 months later, I decided to see a stylist at another salon who gave me a horrible long bob cut. It ended up being way too choppy and made my thin hair look even thinner.  

Fast forward to this past August. With the fall season quickly approaching, I wanted something new for my hair. I starting researching salons in my area and found Prive Salon and Style Bar in Newtown Square, PA. The salon had won a few awards and received numerous positive reviews, so I knew I had to give it a shot. I emailed Monica, the salon’s co-owner, and told her that I wanted to go darker with a reddish balayage. I was thrilled when she assured me that it was possible and invited me to come in for a visit. 

prive salon and style bar review


The salon is absolutely stunning. From glittery wallpaper and long white sheers to feather chandeliers and tufted leather chairs, every detail is on point. They have mimosas, coffee, wine, cookies and other fun goodies to enjoy while you’re getting pampered. Although I wasn’t there for a makeup appointment, Prive Salon has a whole style bar dedicated to cosmetics and lash extensions. If you need to get glammed up for a holiday party, birthday dinner, date night or other special occasion, this is the place for you. 


The first part of my appointment was spent discussing what I wanted done with my hair. I showed Monica some photos I saved on Pinterest of balayage clients and she told me some concerns she had. She noted that everyone’s hair texture and thickness is different. Since my hair is really thin, I understood that my outcome wouldn’t look exactly like the photo. I was ok with that and just wanted a color richer for fall. 

prive salon and style bar review

prive salon and style bar review

prive salon and style bar review


As I previously mentioned, the main reason I made the appointment was for color. It had been years since I colored my hair and I really just wanted something a bit deeper for fall and winter. Monica dyed the roots of my hair darker with a demi permanent color. Demi permanent dyes contain no ammonia and is mixed with a low-volume developer to help open the hair cuticle. It can last (on average) up to 28 shampoos. After that, she highlighted my hair using a balayage technique – hand painting on the dye to create a graduated, natural-looking effect. My friend Bridgett had balayage done and is pleased with how low maintenance it is. 

Full disclosure: My hair didn’t take the auburn dye the first time around, so I made a second appointment on a different day. 

prive salon and style bar review


After letting the dye sit in my hair for a while, I headed over to the shampoo station. Who knew getting your hair shampooed could be so luxurious? Prive Salon has chairs with massagers and leg lifts! I literally kicked my feet up and relaxed. It was glorious. 
Prive Salon and Style Bar Review

Cut, Blow Out & Style

Since it was a few months since my last trim, Monica cleaned up the ends of my hair. I’m so happy with how thick my how feels now. Monica also blew out my hair and curled it for me. I learned a great trick for achieving effortless beach waves. Alternate the direction of the curl. For the pieces of hair closest to your face, always curl away. However, as you curl around your head, alternate between curling away and curling toward your head. It sounds complicated, but it’s so easy and really makes a difference. It can take your hair from Shirley Temple to Victoria’s Secret model. 


It’s been a week since I got my hair dyed the second time. Although my hair is still dark, a lot of the red unfortunately came out within the first couple washes, even though I used a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. It was to be expected though. I did some research online and it’s typical for hair color to bleed and fade a little, especially reds. It’s certainly still a much deeper color than I started with and I’m very pleased. 

I highly recommend Prive Salon and Style Bar to anyone looking to revamp their look. Monica was a pleasure to work with. I’ll definitely be booking another appointment in a few months for a trim and blowout before the holidays.

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