On My Radar: Cozy Fall Decor

Hi everyone! Happy Monday. If you’re in the Philadelphia area, don’t forget to pick up your free Dunkin coffee today {not sponsored!} since the Eagles won yesterday! I know that I’ll be stopping this morning to get mine, because you know that Mondays are a struggle. UGH.

Talking about football though… football always puts me in the fall spirit, even if the temperature is still in the 80s. Last week, I shared with you my fall playlist. Well my friends, I’m continuing the fall trend by sharing the cozy fall decor that’s currently on my radar. Enjoy! 

cozy fall decor

1. TJ Maxx Fall Throw Pillow: I love throw pillows because, if you buy them on sale, you can switch them out every season. That’s what I personally like to do, because I get bored with our home decor quickly. These throw pillows from TJ Maxx won’t break the bank, and will instantly add a touch of fall to your living space. 

2. JC Penney Mercury Glass Pumpkin: I’m not a huge fan of a lot of color in our home, which is why most of our decor is black, white and gray. LOL. But, when the fall and holiday seasons start rolling around, suddenly I’m all about color. However, NOT a ton of it. For instance, I’ll mix a tad bit of color with silver or gold {usually silver}. Mercury glass is one of my favorites because it gives a luxe vibe to any space. These pumpkins are really cute and would look great whether your home is glam, rustic, modern. 

3. Hudson Park Faux Fur Throw: Nothing is better in the fall than snuggling up on the couch with hot peppermint tea, a good movie or book, and a warm throw. Please tell me that you agree. Faux fur throws are the best, because they are super warm and also give a cozy feel to the living room. It’s both functional and chic! 

4. Celebrate Fall Together Leaves Placemats: Bryan and I have probably two or three sets of placemats in our kitchen, but for whatever reason, we always end up using the same set every night. It might be because I don’t really like the look of the other ones we have. What can I say? I’m all about the aesthetics! If I don’t LOVE something, I won’t use it. So this season, I’m thinking about purchasing more festive placemats to liven up our dining room. I love these, because I can use them for dining or as decor. 

5. Sonoma Goods Falling Leaves Candle: Who doesn’t love fall candles? I like to stock up early in the season, so that I can burn them from September through December without running out. I usually buy mine from Bath & Body Works, but they can be quite expensive if you don’t get them on sale. Last weekend, I went shopping at Kohl’s and smelled this candle from Sonoma Goods. It’s a great dupe for the Leaves candle from Bath & Body Works, plus it’s SO much cheaper. Win. 

6. Celebrate Fall Together Leaf Lantern: Lanterns are great because you can pretty much use them anywhere in your home. I keep one in our guest bathroom, but also thought about putting one in our foyer for the fall and holiday seasons. 

7. Fantastic Craft Fall Berry Wreath: I love a good wreath for the front door, because it really sets the tone for the rest of the house. A few years ago, I shared this awesome DIY fall wreath that I made for our old apartment. It was so easy to create, but if you really aren’t big into DIY projects, this berry wreath from Nordstrom has a similar look. 

8. JC Penney Fall Filler: I recently bought three tiny pumpkins as filler for an empty apothecary jar in our bathroom. It’s a subtle dash of fall without going completely overboard. Fillers are so multi-purpose. You can put them in vases, mason jars, bowls, whatever! 

9. Minted Fall Leaves Print: I like switching out our frames every few months, because I get bored looking at the same photos all year round {sorry, family}. I purchase a lot of our artwork from Minted, because it’s reasonably priced and they use designers from all over the country. Right now, I have my eyes on this watercolor leaf print that I think would go great in our guest bathroom. 


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