Tea & Women’s Health

Good afternoon readers.  This post comes a bit later than usual today because I had a meeting in the city at 10am.  Today was such a long day, and I still have a lot of work to catch up on, so I will be making this post short. 

First off, make sure all you bloggers out there enter my giveaway to win a free blogging planner to keep yourself organized and on task with your blogging goals.  This planner is saving my life right now!

Let’s take a look at my dinner from last night.  I made a veggie burger + Parmesan risotto with a piece of multi grain bread on the side.  Lots of fiber!

To make my busy day better, I grabbed a Calm tea soy misto from Starbucks along with this month’s issue of Women’s Health at the train station’s magazine stand.  If I have to sit on a train for an hour, I mind as well try to make it pleasant.  The guys who were practically screaming/talking on the train this afternoon, you’re annoying and have no thought of others on the train.  Thanks for this headache I have now. 

Time to get to work and get some stuff accomplished today!
What’s your favorite type of tea?
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2 comments on “Tea & Women’s Health

  1. Never heard of a tea misto! They steam tea and mix it with milk? Sounds pretty good… Do you like it?

  2. Allison: its a tea bag in a cup with half water and half steamed milk. In this case I got soy. AMAZING! I add in a bit of sugar as well to make it sweeter. I def. recommend.

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