Well I am back! After what seemed to be a week from hell, I have finally emerged from my desk.  No more homework, no more papers, and no more staying up to finish presentations.  Yesterday, Bry & I celebrated by heading to On the Border for happy hour.  Margaritas! This morning, Bry had work at 6am, and since I went to bed last night around 9pm, I ended up waking up when he left for work.  It’s almost 7am now, and I am thinking about possibly going back to bed for another hour.  
This morning, I spend some time laying in bed (I’m still here!) looking at jewelry online.  I recently saw a David Yurman bracelet that I liked online, but as I was flipping through the Tiffany’s website, I came across this new bow ring… as you can see above.  I LOVE THIS! And it’s affordable- only $250. Okay, maybe not affordable for a girl who no longer has a job… but maybe sometime soon! I haven’t had a nice ring ever, and I’ve stopped wearing a bunch of my old rings.  A new ring would be nice, and even better…. it’s not a super expensive one.


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