Wednesday Round Up

Hey guys. Happy Wednesday! I forgot to mention here on the blog, but last week I came down with a REALLY nasty cold. Basically, my throat felt like I was swallowing rocks and I had the worst body aches and chills. I went to the doctor and she gave me a strep throat test, which came back negative. She couldn’t believe it since my throat looked horrendous, so she put me on antibiotics anyway {bleh}. 

A week later, I’m still not 100%, but at least I’m functioning. So why am I telling you all of this? Well, since I was out of commission for a day or so, I had a lot of time to read some pretty interesting articles. SPOILER: we’re talking indoor plants, smoothie hacks, and creating more content for your blog.  

Let’s get into them. Wednesday Round Up time! 


Health & Wellness

1. You all know how much I love indoor plants, well these can help with brain fog {via mindbodygreen}
2. How to get and stay motivated {via Julianne Hough}
3. 9 ways to de-stress after a busy day {via Madeleine Shaw}
4. FYI: Costco frozen veggies recalled for lysteria risk {via Refinery29}


1. These frosted fortune cookies look AMAZING, so I’m adding them to Pinterest now {via cupcakes and cashmere}
2. If I make this greek yogurt zucchini bread, would Bryan know there was yogurt in it? {via Sally’s Baking Addiction}
3. 10 smoothie hacks that I know will change your life {via Nutrition Stripped}
4. Just another reason I need a spiralizer – carrots + dijon + lemon {via Skinny Taste}

Blogging & Biz

1. Tips for attending a blog conference {via ember + march}
2. Simple ways to create more content in LESS time {via XO Sarah}
3. Self-care is SO important and can be sometimes overlooked {via Jessica Lawlor}
4. How to automate your biz, save time and make more $$ {via Smart Passive Income}


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