Wednesday Round Up

Wednesday Round Up via

The week is halfway over, my friends. Isn’t that a great feeling? Or maybe it’s a feeling of panic because your to-do list keeps growing. << That’s the boat I’m in right now. My mind is racing at all hours of the night brainstorming new ideas for the blog. This is NOT a bad thing at all, but I know that staying up late and getting only a few hours of sleep just stresses me out. {Good news: I think my thyroid medication is doing it’s job by keeping me energized, but I’ll get into that in another post.}

But anyway, today is Wednesday and that means it’s time for my Wednesday Round Up. If you have a blog post about wellness, food, beauty or business that you’d like for me to share in an upcoming WRU, email me or tweet me the link! 

Essential oils for cleaning your home


1. The essential oils you should use to help keep your house clean {via mindbodygreen}
2. Great ways to naturally detox your body {via The Fox and She}
3. How to use adaptogens to manage stress {via Joyous Health}


4. How to meal prep for the week in just 90 minutes {via Well and Good}
5. Buy a summer feast at Trader Joe’s for under $30 {via Refinery29}
6. 10 dinner bowls to try this week {via The Everygirl}


7. Timeless beauty – three age-defying models who will inspire you {via The Chalkboard Mag}
8. Game-changing beauty hacks {via Fashion Lush}
9. Lymphatic drainage and how it can help your beauty routine {via The Skinny Confidential}

How to set up your editorial calendar for bloggers

Blogging & Biz

10. Hard truths of the Instagram Algorithm {via Coming Up Roses}
11. A bunch of ideas for what to post on Instagram {via XO Sarah}
12. How one blogger maps out her ed cal {via because I’m addicted}

// Have a great Wednesday everyone! Now, go get shit done! 


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