25 Ways to Improve Your Blog Today

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Today’s post is for all you bloggers out there, or anyone who may be interested in starting a blog. I’m sharing 25 ways to improve your blog today. Yep, these things you can do right now. Enjoy! 

25 ways to improve your blog today

1. Update your about me page.
2. Declutter your sidebar(s). Keep only what’s necessarily and relevant to your site. 
3. Update old posts with better, high-quality photos. Make sure all photos are the same width (develop a standard for both vertical and horizontal images). 
4. Delete posts you’re not proud of. 
5. Update old posts with new titles that are more SEO-friendly.
6. Complete the “Meta Description” section of your account with a short description of what your blog is about. This will help with your site’s SEO! 
7. Plan your blog’s content for the next month. 
8. Go back and pin older posts that are evergreen.
9. Set up Google Analytics, if you haven’t already, to see where your blog’s traffic is coming from. 
10. Read old posts and fix any spelling or grammatical errors.

25 Ways to Improve Your Blog Today

11. Make sure you are linking your blog on all social media profiles.
12. Update your plugins and delete any that are inactive. 
13. Write a disclosure page and link it on your menu bar or in the footer. 
14. Start a newsletter and place an opt-in link at the top of your site. Mine is from HelloBar
15. Make your post content font as dark as possible. No one can read light gray.
16. Schedule your social media posts to promote your next blog post.
17. Leave a relevant comment on 5 similar blogs. Leave a link back to yours.
18. Add social share buttons at the end of your post.
19. Check for broken links and fix or delete them. I use the Broken Link Checker plugin and it works great. 
20. Install a Related Posts plugin to suggest more articles to your readers. I use LinkWithin.

25 Ways to Improve Your Blog Today
21. Install a Pin It button for all your images. 
22. Update your categories and menu bar, so readers can easily find what they’re looking for. 
23. Put your favorite or most popular posts in the sidebar. 
24. Set weekly, monthly and yearly goals for your blog. 
25. Create a spreadsheet with your blog finances (include expenses and income). You can see an example of what I do in this post

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  1. October 23, 2015 / 8:53 am

    Great suggestions. I do need to go back to my old posts for sure and do an “upgrade”. I was not as SEO savvy then as I am now and it will probably make a difference making changes. I started a spreadsheet for expenses and income, but I have not kept it up so I need to do that probably this weekend.

    Thank you for posting this.

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