39 Week Bump Date

Hi there. Yep, I’m still pregnant. LOL! Hopefully I’m not pregnant for much longer. I’m officially full term at this point, so baby can make her arrival any day now.

Starting this week, I’m working from home because my hospital is at least 45 minutes to an hour {depending on traffic} from my office. If my water was to break or if I started having contractions while I was there, it would take me a while to get home, grab my bags and head to the hospital. It’s much less stressful on everyone if I just stayed put this week. I do have to say that it’s been nice to sleep in, stay in my pjs, bounce on my exercise ball while editing documents, and take a nap during my lunch break.

For now, let’s hop into this week’s bump date. I wonder if this will be the last one?!


Baby is the Size of a: pumpkin {approx. 20.5 inches long, 7 pounds}

Gender: Girl

Names: Sharing it soon!

How I’m Feeling: Honestly, I feel fine. Of course I’m feeling impatient, but I don’t feel too bad for being 39 weeks pregnant. I’m having some back pain {upper and lower}, which I think is due to trying to get out of bed 10x a night to use the bathroom. I have to push myself to sit up, so I think overtime it’s really been straining on my back. I’ve been doing hip circles on the exercise ball every day this past week, and that has helped the pain quite a bit.

Today in particular, I’m feeling a bit anxious because I’m getting a membrane sweep done at this afternoon’s appointment. It’s when the doctor does an internal “sweep” in an attempt to separate the sac surrounding the baby from the cervix. It’s supposed to help release the hormones that stimulate contractions, so it may help get labor started. I’ve heard experiences from a few different people. For some people it didn’t work at all and others went into labor within hours. There’s no way to know what my outcome will be, but I wanted to try this a couple of times before moving forward with a medicated induction at 41 weeks.

Recent Purchases: Nothing new.

Cravings: I’ve been drinking a lot of La Croix recently – mainly the lemon, orange, and grapefruit flavors. It’s much healthier than drinking so much lemonade.

Aversions: None.

Sleeping: Sleeping has been interesting. I said in previous updates that I haven’t really had any issues sleeping, which has been a blessing. Well, that all changed this past week. Every time I would get up to use the bathroom, I would have a really difficult time going back to sleep. Not because I was in pain or anything, but just because I wasn’t tired. On Friday night, I stayed up from 1am-3am just scrolling on Instagram and BabyCenter. Thankfully, I was able to nap during the day on Saturday and catch up on some much needed ZZZs.

Rings: Wearing my Pandora ring on my wedding ring finger. I probably won’t put back on my wedding ring + engagement ring until a few weeks postpartum.

Baby Movement: She’s still moving around, but I’m almost positive that she’s dropped at this point. She never really felt under my ribs or anything, but it’s much easier to breathe these days.

Labor Signs: No contractions yet, but at my doctor appointment last Thursday I was 2cm dilated and 80% effaced. I’m feeling a lot of pressure in my pelvis, so that’s got to be a good sign too.

Looking Forward to: meeting our little girl already! When people told me that the last week or two was the worst, they weren’t kidding. The waiting game is terrible. This week, I’m just trying my best to keep my mind off of labor and delivery and focus on really anything else. It’s easier said than done for sure.

+ make sure to follow along on InstaStories. I’ll be updating there much more often than the blog this week. 


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