March Goal Recap & April Goals

Did everyone enjoy their April Fools Day yesterday?  This year I didn’t pull any pranks, but I saw a bunch of them go by on . I read that people were traveling to a foreign country for a new job, got an email regarding their dream job in entertainment, and were pregnant.  Actually the amount of people that pretended to be pregnant on Facebook yesterday was astonishing. 

In case you were wondering from my post on Monday… Bryan and I picked up our wedding certificate without any problems and we are one step closer to become Mr. and Mrs.!  The process was super easy and all we had to do was provide a few pieces of critical information,  swear under oath, sign our certificate, and then the certificate was printed for us.  Easy.

Okay, now that you’re all caught up let’s get into my March goal recap and my April goals.

march goal recap

Goal #1:
Get more organized for the wedding.  Completed!  Last weekend, I bought a plastic bin to hold all of our current wedding décor, menus and table number stands.  At least now the bulk of the wedding stuff is in one place and not sprawled out all over our home office.  I also organized the reception seating chart.  It’s almost done.  Just a few more people to move around and it will be completed. 

Goal #2:
Continue doing yoga at least a few times a week.  Did not complete.  Yea, let’s not talk about it.  I haven’t had the chance to do much after work these days and that’s the only excuse I can give.  Planning a wedding is tough! 

Goal #3:
Get through the month without any crazy wedding-related meltdowns.  Did not complete.  With the wedding now just a month away, I feel even more pressure to get a lot accomplished each and every day.  The list is getting shorter, but I feel like I’m forgetting things sometimes. 

April Goals

Goal #1:
Kick my butt into shape. The wedding is only a month away!  Now is the time to finally stop making excuses and really get into shape for this wedding.  I have a pretty good metabolism for the most part (crosses my fingers that it stays like this forever).  If I work out for a week straight, I’ll start to see results pretty quickly.  All I need to do is get motivated and determined to stay on track. 

Goal #2:
Keep my apartment clean all of the time.  We’ve been actually really good about cleaning up the dishes each night and putting our clothes away after they get out of the dryer.  I like when the apartment is tidy because it puts me at ease.  I want to continue keeping it clean during the month of April and do a big spring cleaning weekend sometime soon.

Goal #3:
Finish my vows.  Okay so this one must get done this month, obviously.  I started writing them last night and I know it’s going to take a couple sit-downs to actually finish them.  I have the framework down, so now I have to write down all the specifics. 



  • Did you complete your goals for March?
  • What are you goals for April?
  • Do you or your family have a cleaning schedule at your house?


  1. Carla
    April 2, 2014 / 6:56 am

    I swear MARCH FLEW and APRIL is so so so packed.
    my goal for april is maintaining.
    EVERYTHING from work to workouts to, uh, CLEANING 🙂

  2. Chelsea @ A Fit LittleOne
    April 3, 2014 / 9:18 am

    Well I had planned to do more stretching/yoga and yeah I didn’t complete that either! At least your situation is more understandable! You have a wedding to take care of. And I’m sure you’ll get everything you need to get done, done 🙂

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