On My Radar: The Best Home Organizing Products

Hi everyone! It’s been almost a full week since I last posted, which is crazy. I couldn’t go another day without giving you guys a quick update.

Many of you know that Bryan and I moved into a new apartment last weekend, so I’ve been ridiculously busy. Pretty much the entire weekend was spent moving stuff from our old apartment to our new apartment. I’m not sure I mentioned this before, but we didn’t move far at all. Our new apartment is in the same complex and is actually in the building next door. That didn’t make moving any easier though. Moving is stressful in general! I’m happy to report that we’re basically all moved in at this point. We have a few things to hang tonight and a box or two to put away, but for the most part we’re good. THANK GOD. I’ll share photos soon, but follow along on Instagram or Snapchat because I share snippets there too. 

My sister came over last night and I made dinner for the first time in our new place and I loved every minute of it. She’s actually moving into a new apartment soon too. We had a long conversation about the home organizers that I couldn’t live without and it made me think that I should probably also share this valuable info here on the blog. So if you’re moving into a new place or just want to organize your current home more efficiently, keep reading!

the best home organizing products

1. Mini Silverware Tray: Our new kitchen is laid out a bit differently than our old one. Although we have more counter space, we have smaller drawers and cabinets. One of the things I realized I needed to buy right away was a new silverware tray since our old one was too wide. I bought this one from Bed Bath and Beyond and it fits perfectly.

2. Cabinet Shelf: Another item in our kitchen that I can’t live without are removable cabinet shelves. You place inside your cabinet to give you more space. I have so many of these things it’s insane. I have one to separate our large dinner plates from our small plates, one to additional coffee mugs, one to hold tea/coffee accessories, and even one for our freezer! They are the best thing ever. If you have limited cabinet space like we do or just want to organize your kitchen items better, you’ll benefit GREATLY from these.  

3. Pan Organizer: Buying expensive pans only to have them get chipped and scratched by storing them on top of each other is really annoying. I fix this issue by using a pan organizer. I actually didn’t know that they made things like this until I was walking around Bed Bath and Beyond one day. They are inexpensive and will save you time in the kitchen. I love this thing. You won’t have to take every pan out of your cabinet in order to find the one you need. Even Bryan thinks it’s a good purchase! 

4. 3-Tier Shelf Riser: Shelf risers are great because they provide height, which allows you to see what’s in your cabinets quickly and easily. I have a couple around my kitchen that I use for different reasons. One is for spices, one is for cans, and one is for random miscellaneous pantry items. 

5. Pan Lid Rack: This pan lid rack goes hand in hand with the pan organizer. I actually bought both of these at the same time. Is it weird to LOVE a home organizer, because if so, I don’t care. I hated having our pan lids rolling around and getting scratched up inside our cabinets. Anytime I wanted to get a pan lid out, I had to literally take out every since lid and find the one I needed. It was annoying as hell. This lid rack saves so much time while cooking and is one of my favorite organizing pieces. If you purchase one new item for your kitchen, my vote is for this. 

6. Iron and Ironing Board Caddy: If you don’t have a large laundry room, I recommend getting an iron caddy. It helps keep your iron and ironing board off the floor and doesn’t scrape your walls. For a while, we stored our ironing board in the small space between our dryer and the wall. Soon enough, the paint started chipping and the wall was getting scuffed up. Plus, it was annoying as hell to put away since it was constantly tipping over. This iron and ironing board caddy solves all of those problems. 

7. Small Command Hooks: Okay, this is a weird one but hear me out. I use small Command hooks to organize measuring cups by sticking them on the back of a cabinet door. This is an old post, but you can see how I do it here. They are cheap, make grabbing the correct measuring cup easy, and are a lifesaver is you don’t have a lot of drawer space. Plus, if you move you can just buy new Command tape for the backs and save the actual hooks. 

8. Bamboo Drawer Organizers: I love these things because they serve so many purposes, they are made from eco-friendly bamboo, and they look nice. I have them in our bathroom and our kitchen to hold various items. They can be moved around and used separately, or you can keep them all together as a complete set in one drawer. 

9. 3-Drawer Clear Organizer: This isn’t the exact one I have, but it’s similar. I use one of these under my bathroom since to organize things like travel-size cosmetics and bath products, q-tips and cotton rounds, and tampons. I used a label maker to create stickers for each drawer, but you really don’t have to since the drawers are clear. 

// Comment below! What are some of your favorite home organizing products? 



  1. Andrea Palute
    August 9, 2016 / 9:31 am

    I love the Command hooks. I use them behind the cabinet drawer to hang my oven mitts and on the back of my bathroom door to hang a towel or robe. They can be used literally anywhere and they really do hold up nicely.
    But the mom in me is seeing that three drawer organizer to store Legos LOL…

    • August 9, 2016 / 2:18 pm


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