Simon Fashion Now Blogger “Sip and Stroll”

On Thursday night, I was invited to attend the Simon Fashion Now Blogger “Sip and Stroll” Preview Event at the King of Prussia Mall.  If you didn’t already know, the King of Prussia Mall is the largest shopping mall on the east coast and just happens to be a short drive from my house.  I actually used to work in the mall during my early college years.

Myself and five other bloggers literally sipped and strolled around the mall.  After receiving our very generous swag bags (thank you!), we started our stroll.  Our first stop was Bloomingdales.  We were greeted with champagne and chocolate covered strawberries while PR representatives from the store showcased a few looks for the upcoming fashion show.  Color blocking was the topic of discussion as various blouses, heels, and even Chanel nail lacquers were shown.

Our next stop on the stroll was Touche Accessories.  Touche Accessories is a french inspired boutique that sells everything from scarves, antique pill boxes, and jewelry.  The shop is run by a mother and daughter team from France.  Both women were extremely sweet and kind.  They gave us more champagne and some brie.  When I was finished with my champagne, I asked one of the owners if she had a trash can to put my cup in, and she said “No more champagne?!”  I knew I had a lot more stores to head to, so I politely declined.

Sorry, a bit blurry!  She was such a sweetheart.

After taking a moment in Paris, we walked over to the Plaza and visited Love Couture.  It reminded me a lot of Forever 21, minus the clutter.  We were actually given a tour by one of the bloggers attending, because she works there!  The store overall wasn’t really my style, but I did find some cute maxi dresses that would be perfect for the spring time!

Bailey Banks and Biddle was next on the agenda. WOO.  Bryan and I actually visited Bailey Banks and Biddle a month or so ago to check out their engagement rings (exciting, I know!), so I was very excited to try on some more rings.  We were shown the Design Studio and were able to try on as many rings as we wanted as we ate mini cupcakes!

Check out that rock!  I’m going to guess 5 carats.
Disregard:  my terrible non-manicured nails
If you’re wondering my middle finger ring reads “Believe in yourself and magic will happen.”

We eventually had to leave the jewelry behind and walk over to Betsey Johnson.  Guess what we did there?  MORE champagne and cupcakes.  I was NOT complaining.  For some reason, I didn’t take any photos while we were inside the store.  Betsey Johnson is a little over the top for me, but I enjoyed viewing some of the simpler pieces — such as a white cocktail dress and blue and white seersucker blazer.

The next store on our stroll was Tiffany’s.  Not only do I love the jewelry at Tiffany’s, I also love their line of purses.  So when I found out they were showing their Rubedo collection and their spring line of bags, I was very happy.  Unfortunately, all of the bags are out of my budget for the moment.  However, that didn’t stop me from “ooh-ing and ah-ing” over them!

Such a perfect spring/summer bag.  This would be perfect for a picnic at the park Audrey Hepburn style!

Our last stop of the evening was Piazza Sempione.  I honestly never heard of this store before visiting, but once I walked in, I knew it was high end.  I loved how the store felt like I wasn’t shopping at the mall.  It felt very exclusive.  I felt like a member of the Real Housewives walking in.  Lindsey Neduchin, the general manager, was so chic!  Check out her outfit!  She had the coolest pair of Sperrys on.

Thank you again to Karma Verse and King of Prussia Mall for inviting me to this event and planning the entire night.  I met some amazing new bloggers and viewed some of newest fashions and jewelry for spring.



  1. April 14, 2012 / 4:50 pm

    Great post Nicole! I hope to write something up tomorrow 🙂 And it was so nice to meet you! Let’s get together again soon….Molly

    • April 14, 2012 / 5:41 pm

      Thanks Molly! Can’t wait to read your post. And yes, we should get together again soon, I agree!

  2. April 15, 2012 / 7:54 pm

    wowza!!!!!!!!!! what a fun day!!! how freaking cool is that?!

    sounds like an amazing time!

    • April 15, 2012 / 9:20 pm

      yeah, pretty exciting! how was your weekend?

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