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I’ll be honest. I don’t read many fashion blogs. Maybe it’s because I don’t find value in a post filled solely with perfectly styled photos of someone’s outfit. A lot of people love these types of blogs. Me? Not my jam. I like reading blogs that offer something special, different, and above all else a look into the blogger’s life.

A few years ago, I stumbled across Ashley Zeal’s and Emily Wieczorek‘s Instagram accounts. I loved how they posted pictures of their outfits, but also a look into their day to day lives. When I found out they were starting a blog together, I was LEGIT thrilled. Of course, I wanted to read about what they were wearing {they’ve got killer style}, but I knew that they would also put a spin on their fashion blog by also sharing recipes, behind the scenes, home decor and more – just like they did on their Instagram accounts. When they launched Two Peas in a Prada a couple years ago, I was hooked.

One of the main reasons why I love Two Peas in a Prada is because of the storytelling. Emily and Ashley are great writers and share something valuable in each and every post. It’s not just a blog with pretty pictures! Emily posts about her family and motherhood, while Ashley loves writing about fitness and life in San Francisco. Their styles are quite different. Emily is a bit more preppy and feminine, and Ashley is edgy but comfortable. The mix of topics on their blog makes it stand out among the VERY over-saturated fashion blog industry.

I knew that you guys would love hearing all about Two Peas in a Prada, so when I asked Emily and Ashley if they’d share their story here on the blog, they were more than happy to! So, grab a cup of coffee and keep reading.

Hey ladies! Introduce yourself to my readers.

E: Hi! I’m Emily Wieczorek. I’m a bond trader by day, fashion blogger by night. I live in Reno, NV with my husband, Joe, our little boy, William, and our golden retriever, Henry. We’re also currently expecting our second child in February.

A: My name is Ashley Zeal. I live in San Francisco with my boyfriend, Joe. I am a high school English teacher by day, fashion blogger by night. On the weekends, you can find us at the 49er games, or hiking at the beaches by our house.

Two Peas in a Prada Interview with Ashley Zeal and Emily Farren Wieczorek

What are your go-to tips and tricks for staying healthy?

E: To be entirely honest, I am trying to be better about being healthy. Currently, I take my prenatal vitamins daily, I walk with my family, and I’m starting my Pure Barre habit up again.

A: Barry’s Boot Camp, no dairy and lots of water. I am a complete psycho about getting 10,000 steps a day. I will pace around my living room at midnight if I have to.

two peas in a prada interview

What’s your favorite healthy breakfast recipe?

E: I love a good green juice… and egg whites, goat cheese, and avocado toast.

A: I eat the same thing every day, eggs and paleo bacon. 

Two Peas in a Prada Interview with Ashley Zeal and Emily Farren Wieczorek

What about lunch and dinner?

E: For lunch, I have to eat at the office with a bunch of male co-workers. We order in every day and take working lunches, so lunch is really my cheat meal. Dinner is usually zoodles or spaghetti squash with ground turkey and marinara sauce. 

A: I’m very lazy and very busy, so for dinner we order the Sun Basket paleo box. They send all the ingredients for three healthy meals you can make in under 30 minutes. Every Sunday, I meal prep for my lunches. This week was kale and sausage soup!

Do you have healthy snacks that you keep for on-the-go?

E: Ashley introduced me to the RX bars, which I love. I also am obsessed with Lara Bars, and always have sesame rice crackers, dried mangoes, and almonds on hand.

A: RX bars, plantain chips, pre-portioned olives, and LaCroix water… lots of it.

two peas in a prada interview with ashley zeal and emily farren wieczoreck

What’s your full-time job? What inspired you to start Two Peas in a Prada?

E: I am a bond trader, so my background is in finance. I live on the west coast, but work east coast hours (5am – 2pm), so it gives me a decent amount of time to work on the blog after work. We decided to start the blog because we wanted a creative outlet and something where we would be able to work together. 

A: I teach high school English. It’s my fourth year. It definitely keeps me young and allows for a very flexible blogging schedule. We always wanted to start a business together, a boutique, a clothing line. This made sense because we could do it from two different cities. 

Two Peas in a Prada Interview with Ashley Zeal and Emily Farren Wieczorek

How do you stay balanced when you have so many different roles?!

E: I think it’s hard, and some days are easier than others. Ashley does a ton of our networking in San Francisco, so I think this is definitely harder for her. BUT, I will say that for me, saying no to a lot of things helps me stay balanced. It helps me only make time for what matters. 

A: I don’t – like not at all. I am really struggling with this. I legitimately am working 17 hours a day, but I love it so the passion is what keeps me going. My boyfriend is super understanding and supportive. So that definitely helps when I have events every night during the week, and spend my entire time at home glued to my computer. But honestly, working out is the only thing that keeps me sane. When I start skimping on that, I go crazy.

two peas in a prada interview

Did you have any hesitations before starting a blog?

E: No, I think we both kind of jumped in headfirst actually, and looking back, I am glad we did. 

A: No, those came after surprisingly enough. I went into this totally blind and clueless. Once I realized how competitive and cut throat the blogging world is, then I started to have my doubts. But all it took was one positive reader comment, or an email from a brand to snap me out of it and put it back into perspective! 

Who are some people that you look up to? Where do you find inspiration?

E: After seeing Erin Fetherston’s show at New York Fashion Week, she is definitely someone I look up to as a mother and a business woman. She manages to do it all so gracefully.

A: This is going to sound really stupid, but I really look up to Khloe Kardashian. She was the first one who kind of inspired me to accept my curves and love my body. Also, Ashley Graham and Iskra Lawrence are huge inspirations. My favorite blogs are Sassy Red Lipstick, The Bitch Bible and Kerrently. I like women who keep it real. 

Two Peas in a Prada Interview with Ashley Zeal and Emily Farren Wieczorek

Can you give us a sneak peek on what’s to come for Two Peas? Any exciting collabs coming up? Any posts you’re excited about writing? 

E: Our newsletter is going to be BIG for us! I’m also super excited about writing all of our holiday posts and gift guides!

A: We just started our Blogging Bible series, which we are really excited about! And we finallllly have a newsletter, just in time for the holidays! So be sure to sign up for that.

two peas in a prada interview

Quick Question Time!

I drive a:

E&A: We both drive a Lexus RX!

In my purse right now is:

E: My Cuyana makeup bag, Cuyana wallet, a huge brush, Lara Bars, a snack cup for my son, and Gustaf’s red licorice.

A: A mess! I always keep the same things: Cuyana makeup bag, sunglasses, LV card holder, business cards and a water bottle.

My top three beauty must-haves are:

E: Revlon ColorStay eyeliner in black brown, La Mer lip balm, St. Ives Apricot Scrub

A: Sunday Riley Good Genes, Indie Lee Squalane Oil, and Sara Happ lip balm

I’m most proud of:

E: My son and my family. If we’re talking about a post, it would be my post about the first year of motherhood or my recent post about miscarriages.

A: This one is hard because I feel like it changes every day. But, I think I am most proud of my Anti Photoshop post because it inspired so many women to be more accepting of themselves, and actually changed people’s lives. The message is something I feel SO strongly about and I really want to keep encouraging women to maintain a positive body image. The media can be so cruel and put so many unrealistic expectations on us, so I thought it was important to create a space where it was okay to be yourself. 

Every day I have to:

E: Body shower. If I don’t, it drives me nuts.

A: Talking to my mom, three times a day. We say goodnight every single night.

My fav guilty pleasure is:

E: Lying in bed with my little family.



If I had to describe myself in three words, they would be:

E: Loyal, loving, hardworking.  

A: Strong, authentic, faithful.

My favorite social media platform is:

E: Snapchat @efarren

A: For work – Instagram. For fun – Twitter.

If I could travel anywhere, I’d go to:

E: Nantucket in July. I’m hoping to make it back there next summer. 

A: I’ve been dying to go to Bali.

My typical Starbucks order is:

E: A cold brew with vanilla cream.

A: I only drink black coffee, so iced americano. If I’m at a fancy coffee shop, I’ll splurge and get an almond milk latte.

// To learn more about Emily and Ashley, check out their blog and Instagram!


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