Wednesday Round Up

wednesday round up

Happy Wednesday everyone! How was your Valentine’s Day? Good, I hope!

Bryan and I went to the Wrabel concert in Philly last night, and ended up getting home around 11:30pm. So, I’m freaking exhausted today. I practically inhaled my coffee this morning, but it was totally worth it. I know I’ve talked about Wrabel on the blog before, but I’ll say it again. Go listen to his music on iTunes, YouTube, Spotify, wherever. He’s so incredibly talented. Bryan calls me a groupie because I’ve seen him 3x since October. I’ve got no shame!

I’ve got some great reads for you today, so let’s get into my Wednesday Round Up.


1. Feeling in a slump? Check out this 96 word story. {via Jessica Lawlor}
2. This is what self-love looks like, according to 11 wellness pros {via Well and Good}
3. The French girl wellness rules {via mindbodygreen}
4. Some good advice on how to have a healthy relationship {via Meg Biram}


5. Dying to try this blueberry almond butter smoothie {via Minimalist Baker}
6. Five healthy snacks to keep in your purse {via The Skinny Confidential}
7. Easy lemon vinaigrette recipe {via A Beautiful Plate}
8. Gluten free blended oat pancakes {via The Gold Sister}


9. Best practices for pinning your blog content {via White Oak Creative}
10. Lessons from one year of blogging {via Philly with a Fjallraven}
11. Tips to declutter your inbox {via because I’m addicted}
12. Five ways to maximize working from home {via Advice from a Twenty Something}

// I’ve got a busy day ahead of me, so I’m going to go. Have a great one!


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