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Wednesday Round Up via

Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween! I didn’t watch anything scary or do anything too festive, but I did track down some pretty cute pumpkin earrings to wear. #win. Instead… since we don’t get trick-or-treaters in my apartment complex, Bryan and I decided to go out to dinner with my sister instead. I got a veggie burger from The Cheesecake Factory and ate every last bite. So good! Even if you’re not a vegetarian, I highly recommend that you try it. It’s made with brown rice, farro, mushrooms, black beans and onion. Other than that, I came back home, took a 30 minute nap before This is Us, cried watching This is Us, and then went to bed. Wild Tuesday night. 

But now it’s Wednesday and the work week is halfway over! As usual, I’ve rounded up my favorite articles from around the web this week for you below. Enjoy! 


1. How to swap your beauty staples for clean alternatives that work {via The Everygirl} 
2. Tips on staying motivated to work out {via cupcakes & cashmere}
3. Healthy treats for late night Netflix binges {via The Chalkboard Mag}
4. Is peanut butter actually bad for you {via mindbodygreen}

via Katie Kett


5. Newborn and new mom essentials {via BYOBeauty}
6. The cutest gender neutral baby girls {via Danielle Moss}
7. Mom guilt and how to push through it {via Kailee Wright}
8. Exhaustion and the waiting game {via The Fox and She}

how to stop overthinking things

Biz & Blogging

9. Key lessons on starting your own biz from women entrepreneurs {via Gal Meets Glam}
10. Creating and keeping up with a client waiting list {via elle and co}
11. How to stop overthinking {via Brighton the Day}
12. Why work friends are the best friends {via In The Frow}


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