Weekend Recap (11/4 – 11/6)

Hi guys. I’m bringing it back to my blogging roots today by sharing a Weekend Recap post. I miss doing these more “diary-like” posts, so I plan to integrate them into my content calendar more frequently. The last time I wrote one a Weekend Recap was last fall, so I was due for a new one. Let’s get right into it. 


ways to manage stress

Bryan went out with some friends on Friday night, so I opted to stay in and spend some time with Pete. Usually after a long work week, I like to catch up on my trashy reality TV shows and eat Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. Crazy Friday night. If you’re wondering, some of my favorite reality shows include Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Real Housewives of Orange County, Vanderpump Rules and anything on the Cooking Network. Occasionally if I’m feeling really desperate, I’ll watch Ben and Lauren’s new show. You know… the people from The Bachelor. They have their own show now on Freeform and it’s pretty nauseating and scripted, but I watch SOMETIMES. 

I also really enjoy coloring. Coloring really helps calm me down after a crazy week. It really forces me to switch off my brain from worrying about my to-do lists {yes, plural} and focus on the moment. If you’re a multi-tasker like me and really want to slow down, I HIGHLY recommend purchasing a coloring book. I’m currently using Lost Ocean by Johanna Basford. It was the best $10 I’ve ever spent.  


I had to wake up early on Saturday for a doctor’s appointment, but afterwards I decided to treat myself to some Starbucks. I used to go to Starbucks all the time, but my wallet started hating me, so I only stop there once in a while. This weekend, I ordered my usual fall drink – grande, extra hot, soy chai latte with one pump of pumpkin. You’ve got to try it if you’ve never had it before. However, next time I think I’m going to try their chestnut praline latte. I keep seeing it on Instagram, and I’ll be honest. I’m intrigued! Side note: is anyone else really excited to see the holiday cups?! 

After my Starbucks run, I came home and relaxed for the day. I cleaned the apartment, started laundry, answered some blog emails, set up our Christmas card photoshoot, and caught up on TV. Nothing too excited to talk about. 


I’ve mentioned this before, but Sunday is my favorite day to spend time with family. This weekend was no exception. 

To start the day off right, Bryan and I enjoyed brunch at Farmer’s Daughter in Blue Bell, PA. We’ve had dinner at the restaurant in the past, but it was our first time there for their brunch buffet. It’s certainly not cheap (around $28 per person), but it’s pretty comparable in price to other brunch buffets in Montgomery County. 

They have a ton of options including bread selections {bagels, breads, muffins}, a seafood station with raw oysters and shrimp, various salads and charcuterie, french toast, scrambled eggs, an omelette station, chicken, pasta, an eggs benedict station, and various mini cakes and pies. Seriously, they have anything you’re looking for.

Alcohol isn’t included in the base price, but for $6 a drink, it’s not too pricy at all. I ordered a mimosa and Bryan had a bloody Mary, and both were absolutely delicious!  

If you’re looking for a good Sunday brunch place in the Philly suburbs, definitely give Farmer’s Daughter a try. Don’t forget to make a reservation though, because they can get really busy. 

Farmer's Daughter Sunday Brunch Montgomery County PA Blue Bell

After brunch, we drove home to pick up Pete and then headed over to Wissahickon Valley Park Trail. Although the park isn’t too far from where we live, I actually had never been there. My friend Bridgett and I stumbled on the park a while ago, while we were trying to drive to someplace else. I kept saying how gorgeous it was and how excited I was to bring Bryan and Pete back. The weather on Sunday afternoon was perfect, so that’s what we did! 

Wissahickon Valley Park Trail

Wissahickon Valley Park Trail

Wissahickon Valley Park Trail

Wissahickon Valley Park Trail

Wissahickon Valley Park Trail

Wissahickon Valley Park Trail

Wissahickon Valley Park Trail

LOL. Looking back at those photos, I seem like a crazy dog lady. But whatever. Pete’s the bomb. Please comment below and let me know that you have photoshoots with your dog too. 

// Alright, that’s it for now. Don’t forget to vote today! I’ll be going after work today, and waiting in line with every other person in my neighborhood. If I was smart, I would have gotten up earlier today and went before work, but whatever! Talk to you guys tomorrow. 

Thank you to Farmer’s Daughter for providing us with a complimentary brunch.
As always, all opinion are my own. 

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